How Wally Wind and
Rosie Raindrop Saved Christmas

Wally Wind was breezing along when
he met his friend Rosie Raindrop.

"Hello, Rosie," Wally said. "It's nearly
Christmas again. Santa Claus and his
reindeer must be getting ready to deliver
toys to all the girls and boys."

"Yes," said Rosie. "We should go wish
them a good journey."

"Okay," Wally said. "Hop on my back."

With Rosie riding piggyback, Wally
whisked them away to the North Pole.
But they were very surprised by what
they saw.

"Where is all the snow and ice?" Rosie
asked. "This doesn't look like Christmas
at all."

"We must ask Santa about this," Wally

He blew down to the Magic Toy Shop,
where they found Santa and his elves
and reindeer looking very sad.

"What happened?" Rosie asked. "You
should be getting your sleigh ready to
take off."

"I'm afraid there won't be any Christmas
this year," Santa sighed. "Sammy
Snowflake and Ivy Icicle said they were
tired of keeping the North Pole frozen
all the time. So they decided to take a
warm vacation down on the Equator."

"Can't you make your sleigh fly without
snow and ice?" Wally said.

"No. That is beyond even my power,"
Santa said.

"How terrible!" Rosie exclaimed. "I'm
so unhappy I could cry, if I wasn't
already made of water."

"I have an idea," Wally said. "Maybe
you can use your sleigh as a sailboat.
Rosie and her sisters could provide
the water and I'll get my brothers to
help me blow you along."

"That might work," Santa said. "I
don't like to brag, but I was quite a
sailor in my younger days. I helped
Columbus find his way to the New

So Rosie and the other Raindrops got
together to make a water bridge
across the sky and Wally told all the
Winds to puff up for a big blow.

"Hey, what about us?" said Rudolph,
Dancer and the other reindeer. "We've
never missed a Christmas before."

"Don't worry," Santa said. "If my
magic sleigh can hold toys for all
the children in the world, it has
room for nine passengers."

They all climbed aboard and Santa
shouted: "Yo-ho! Up the anchor!
Hoist the mainsail! Swab the decks
for action!" And other sailor talk.

The Winds blew and the sleigh sped
over the water so smoothly that
Santa was able to give toys to every
boy and girl on Earth in no time at all.

As they passed over the Equator,
Sammy Snowflake and Ivy Icicle
looked up and realized they had
been wrong to leave Santa when
he needed them. They hurried back to
the North Pole and covered it with ice
and snow for the sleigh's landing.

"We're sorry we were so selfish,"
Sammy said.

"We didn't think of how hard your
work would be without us," Ivy said.

"That's all right," Santa laughed.
"All's well that ends well, thanks
to Wally Wind and Rosie Raindrop."

"There's only one thing else for us
to do," Wally said.

"Yes," said Rosie. "Wish everyone…