We were tired of it.

The name calling, the bullying, the pushing-down-stairs. The laughing, the taunting, the pranks that made us cry. We were tired of it. So we decided to do something about it.

We gathered at Victoria Fallon's house late at night while her parents were sleeping. There was a book, you see. Bound in black leather with yellowing pages and slanted script. We stared at it in silence.

Then Desdemona Karan reached out and opened it up.

Desdemona Karan has always been the wildest of us. Her name means 'of the Devil', and if you catch her in one of her moods you'd see how fitting enough that is. She has long silky hair as black as blackest night and eyes the same colour, proper black eyes, not just dark brown. She's the only one of us they never trouble.

Everyone's afraid of our little Dee. But that doesn't apply to the rest of us, and the fingers they're too cowardly to lay on her are made up for a thousand times on us.

We had everything we could possibly need. Hell, it was even a full moon outside, all pale and gleaming on the backdrop of dark velvet. We took turns to read out the instructions from the book. All four of us – Victoria Fallon, Desdemona Karan, Sandrine Emberson and Imogene Diaz. At first we were terrified. Who wouldn't be? But then we realised that it was fine. It was good.

Even when we used a stainless steel kitchen knife to donate blood to the porcelain teacup, and Imogene nearly fainted. Even when Sandrine went to pick up the Book and dropped it like it'd burned her. Smoke was curling out of the pages like it was on fire. Only nothing was happening to it. Still, everything was okay. Everything was going according to plan.

We weren't worried when Victoria poured the blood over the Book and it sucked up the liquid like it was drinking it. Because well, you've gotta make sacrifices, right? Nothing comes without a price.

By now we were more than willing to pay.

We don't know quite what happened next. Maybe it was a mass hallucination. Maybe we were dreaming. But it was a hallucination that came true and a dream that really happened, because on that night we made a Deal with an Unbound Being.

The next morning, when we woke up, we were perfect. We had to be. The people who'd laughed at us only the day before power-walked past us with downcast gazes, somehow knowing that we were trouble. We were dangerous.

Not like that emo freak in Dee's health class, with the multi-coloured hair and so many piercings her skin is practically hidden. She's the garden variety dangerous. What can she do? Wave a knife? Pump you with heroin? Shoot a bullet through your abdomen?

All painful, we know. We're not denying it. But there's a dangerous beyond that, a dangerous that's got a whole different meaning. Because it comes from a whole different world.

We're that kind of dangerous. Forget about the boy that smokes behind the bike sheds who people say went to juvie for killing his mom. Ninety percent chance those rumours aren't true anyway. But even if they are, they ain't got nothing on us.

We were the Geek Clique then and we're the Geek Clique now. What's the difference, you ask?

Well, we made that Deal, like we said. And we don't for a moment regret it.

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