Daniel Street


Autumn Bliss

We fight through the night, but we get along,

We sing our loving hymn, but we can't write a song.

We trust and we suspect.

We doubt and we believe.

We ignore and we respect.

We stay and we leave.

We travel far, but go nowhere.

We cry when our beloved cries.

We refuse to lend the feelings we share.

We value the truth yet ask for lies.

We avoid pain, but pick the rose.

We enjoy life, but life is a sadness.

We look away, but watch how it goes.

We're all sane, but have fallen to madness.

If Love sets me assail, then why am I adrift?

If we despise surprise, why treasure love's gift?

Because the fires of the Passion burn brightest in ashes,

So heaven herself could not scorch it with splashes.