Her hands have made the ambrosia of gods,

And her smile doesn't fail nor waver.

She enters while my family aplauds

For it's time to sample each flavour.

She has held me as I cried in her arms,

She has laughed at my idiotic jokes,

She has taught me, passing cities and farms,

The cheer that a person's laughter evokes.

Her eyes have seen the heartbreak under my skin

And my still heart she attempts to mend.

She has healed so many wounds deep within

And has showed me the value of a friend.

She has taught the methods, letting me speak my mind and soul,

And has cleared my concience many a time.

I have learned to endure the parts and enjoy the whole,

To hold to the rocks and survive the climb.

She has taught me to accept the loss with life,

And she has swam in the same ocean of tears.

To rebel against unreasonable prejudice and strife,

And to confront my unparalleled fears.

She has taught me the talent of cracking the egg,

And the rewards of baking by hand.

She has taught me to steal away from the keg,

And to leave fools to the follies of demand.

The clock ticks by the slow hours of my life,

but she told me that a year is a second.

She said to cherish it, for time is not rife,

And now I see I have less than I reckoned.

I hope of all the lessons, not one will I ever ignore,

I hope always to pass each to another,

But of all things in the world I am most grateful for,

I am most glad to have ever had such a mother.

Your Son,