Living a Christian life, is not as easy as people may think, but its not as hard either.

Some people think of Christian's as arrogate, or spiteful. People who think they are better then everyone else.

But its not true-at least for the real Christian its not.

You may walk around as if you are prefect, hiding behind your mask of human sins.

Do we all give in to temptation? Do we sin like that of a non-believer? Do we ignore God when he talks to us?...Yes. And you are a fool if you answered NO.

Now is this a bad thing?

Well yes.

Are you going to go to hell for such a thing?


Why? Because that's why God sent his only begotten son to die for us.

As a human we will always do sinful things; even if its mild. Punching someone that angered you, cursing, taking something of small value, reading a romance novel and re-reading the graphic pron part more then needed.

Christian's are human just like everyone else, and those who think other wise are nothing more then foolish.

You may be able to wear a mask in public for the human eye, but God's eye can always see though it.

You don't have to be prefect, you don't have to pretend. Just be who you are and know where you stand, don't hide your sins from God, and don't rely on your mask, for it will only cause you more harm then good.

Just remember, sin is sin no matter how we look at it, its all the same to God-but that doesn't mean he will abandon long as you believe in and love him as he loves you. Be wise about what you do-God is always watching and taking care of you.

Count your blessings while you have them-you never know when God will call you home.