"Well, by now, those guys should have found him. I mean, it has been at least fifty days," informed Cam.

"When I get back, if they have not killed Dax, I'm taking care of him myself," snapped Zeke.

"Good luck. With human weapon, almost impossible," Asha laughed.

"Almost impossible," repeated Zeke. "All I need is that small glimmer of hope." Zeke flapped his hand in front of Asha, the gush of wind that he created sent Asha backwards in chaos. She recovered and glared at Zeke.

"Leave the tough work to the knights, Ze."

Cam snapped down a branch that stood in his way. He could sense the laboratory within a few more kilometers. The boy's journey lead them back to Prisen, where they would meet with Lia to obtain all the information they could. She said the next time they came back, she would have the solutions to most of their problems, meaning Cam could go back to normal.

Once they got everything they needed, they were going on a search party for Rylan. Even though when she disappeared two months ago, she was severely injured, Reed could sense she was still alive. He was determined to find her. He would never give up, no matter how long it took.

"I still don't know why we had to come here first," complained Zeke, stretching his arms into the air.

"You upset we couldn't see your girlfriend?"

"I'm upset we have to see Cam's girl first!" Zeke realized Reed called her "girlfriend" and flushed red. "AND SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Reed, Asha, and Cam broke into laughter at Zeke's expense.

Rylan heard the laughter closing in on her. She didn't realize she had spent so much time in Prisen.

Recovering from all her injuries did take quite a long time, since Knight of Dawn's attacks did a lot of damage. Dawn's attacks were historically known to lead to Rylan's ultimate death. But Rylan was not ready to go out, let alone by Dawn's hand. She was going to change the course of that history.

Lia was able to heal Rylan with her plethora of potions and knowledge. And in return, Rylan learned as much as she could about the experiments that occurred in the lab. She was determined to find something. It was the new journey she set out for herself.

Rylan pulled her pack closer to her body and huffed out in frustration. She did not want to travel by shadows, but she didn't know how to get around the boys. She was not ready to face the boys, nor anyone for that matter. Once the boys reached the lab and talked with Lia, they would know Rylan was all right. And that's all she wanted them to know.

"On the count of three, we go," whispered a shadow from behind a tree. The two figures intently watched Rylan as she wandered alone.

This was the first time they ever caught her on her own. And they were not going to let the opportunity pass.


Rylan's eyes flashed black and she smiled back at the two figures. Mocking the two, she stuck out her tongue. Shadow arms shot out and punched the two figures back into a tree.

"Next time, it would be better to use your indoor voices, if you catch my drift," sneered Rylan. A portal door appeared in front of Rylan and she waved at her potential captors, escaping before they could do anything.

The shadows disappeared and the two fell forward from the tree.

"Damn it!" shouted Mac, slamming his first into the ground. He stood up and looked at his partner.

"You said it would be easy to get her on her own," she hissed.

"Obviously she's completely recovered. And she's a smart cookie."

"You promised me the Knight of Dark."

"And you will get her!"

"You better be right."

"Whoa, Number 3, remember who is senior here," interjected Mac, smiling at his right hand.

Number 3 snatched Mac by his collar and held him up above her. "Number 1, remember who is in charge here!"

She lowered him down. Number 3 held very similar features to Ophelia. Dirty-blonde dreadlocks held by a bright orange and yellow headband. Pretty facial features were accented by green eyes. Her eyes sank to the ground where a large gray Umbra appeared from the ground.

"Yuta, what have you found out?"

The gray Umbra turned his head to look up at Number 3 and Mac. His mouth snarled open and his jaw popped as he went to formulate words.

"The knight is looking for 4 and 5."

"Why?" hissed Number 3.

"Do you remember 4 and 5?"

"Of course," her eyes slitted in anger. She wanted answers, not more questions.

"Remember how in 'love' the two were? Even after the experiment."

Number 3 held up her hand and burst into laughter. "Please," she paused, regaining her breath, "please do not tell me. Number 4 and 5 went and had a family."

"Two children," began Yuta.

"Who would end up being knights." Number 3 laughed once again.

Mac smirked, realizing that Rylan and Hazen were results of experiments as well.

"Well, Shadow Master, where are we off to now?"

The Shadow Master smiled down at Yuta and cracked her fingers.

"Last I remember, 4 and 5 escaped the mountains in the North. We should pay the two a visit, eh, Yuta?"

"I agree, Ophe." The three created a large portal so they could begin the hunt.

As soon as they disappeared, Reed stepped out from his hiding spot. He turned his head to look at his pals.

"What the hell was that?" shouted Zeke.

"Number 3, Lia's other half. She's alive. And the Shadow Master," explained Cam, running his hand through his long brown hair.

"Yuta is a hybrid Penumbra," whispered Asha in horror.

"Hazen and Rylan are products of Antumbras?" questioned Zeke. He thought about the concept a little more and cringed.

"They are after Rylan," Reed whispered. He turned around completely, but the look in his eyes was replicated by the others. Reed did not need to say another word for everyone to know there was a change of plans.

"Do you think it's cold in the Northern Mountains?" inquired Zeke as he shivered at the thought of the North.