I was walking in circles all night
tracing footsteps of a gaint I was trying to lose
clumsy as it runs through my veins
and misguided
Held under a night sky hanging over like a chandeller
It's falling to pieces
Stuck on top an earth it shakes and shivers
broken down too nervous
I got caught in the rain
Looking for rest

I standing at the hips of a woman in the middle
here at the bottom where two hills meet
buried myself between them
I thought I was getting closer to another side
Instead I found a myself at the center
It wasn't about being happy
Or fitting in
Only about being whole
Being so close

I told her:
I don't care much for our people
But when you were building humanity
Did you ever see yourself walking along side each prayer?
Or the story of the last fallen star
Did you really let the wishes drop?
Was it true?
Would destroying yourself make the love real?

She laughed so hard she started to dissolve
into wishbones
glass slippers
and unsent love letters
Not sad.
Just outspoken about geometry
every size.
every shape.
every angle.
She knew every child crawled back inside eventually
Just to leave pieces of themselves behind

If it was so easy to leave
Everyone would be gone by now
But I stay
Building off unfinished instructions
and undeniable uncertainty
Since the beginning
There is still work to do