When you came howling out of Tabrias' rift, expanded from the landmark buried in rubble and destruction from the hotel that had been destroyed and partially melted, Allen was already thoroughly locked in battle with that man you had come to despise. He was on his toes, shifting his form and twisting his shape to avoid being cut by those blades of light, or his wings or even his spear- even ripping his own body in half and sewing it back together. However decisive blows even then evaded him, even with those dark flames he wielded. Lucifer retained too much power for any wound to last.

You didn't care about that. Screeching, massive talons of soul energy and the head of a great tyrannosaurus with its maw open wide would lurch forward, the mouth snatching up Lucifer whole as you rushed into the battlefield and carried him, attempting to crush him between those huge teeth while Allen immediately sprung after you. You slammed those huge teeth shut, grinding his body to bits- but as the massive dinosaurs head imploded on itself and crushed the majority of his body within its mouth, you could see faint traces of light whisking away.

You immediately knew he wasn't dead and lunged again, only stopped when lances of light struck the path ahead of you and tore through your Tyrannosaur construct, causing it to violently explode and filling the air with burgundy. Two more six winged Seraphim- two I knew well. My father's personal guard and closest friends, his blood brothers who had stood alongside each other in battle since the day they had met in their youth, Gero (He kept his true name hidden from all of us, even his closest allies) and Gabriel. Both were armed in the same light armor as my father, red and wrapped in holy cloth, spears of light wielded with both hands, the two brown-haired men swept down at you from two directions in an attempt to pincer you!

The easiest way to tell the two apart was from hair, with Gero having much longer straight hair, and Gabriel having shorter wavier hair (that admittedly I styled mine after, Gabriel had always been very nice to me and I admired him). Up close though, the differences were especially evident- especially in Gero's eyes, the pupil split instead into a series of white horizontal lines stretching over the iris, numbering five and glowing brightly. He swept in close, bringing back his spear as it's end sprouted an Axe blade, becoming a polearm that he swung at your waist while Gabriel swept in from behind, in attempt to drive the spear through your throat.

Half of this pincer would be broken as Allen reassembled in the air beside Gabriel, driving fingers from his right hand into the man's neck and the left hand into his stomach- black roots immediately stretching across the skin as he attempted to absorb the man's body! Gabriel knew what he was attempting to do immediately- and broke apart into light just as Lucifer did, leaving behind chunks of flesh with bloated veins sticking from them to be absorbed into the monster's fingers as he narrowly avoided absorption.

Gero would find his half of the pincer defeated as well as his polearm shattered in his hand, with you wielding one of the massive talon wielding hands as one of your own and slamming it into the weapon- and Gero. Its massive size smashed into both of them in one stroke and sent him hurtling away, bursting apart into light before he slammed against rubble in the distance. At that very same instant, Lucifer reappeared before you both!

He descended upon both of you, wielding two blades of light in hand that he fruitlessly carved into Allen with one- and sliced through only the hand of soul energy in his attempt to reach you, both men retreating as Allen would sew closed the wound Lucifer had delivered, flesh resealing without issue. Just as he could not deal a decisive blow to Lucifer as he stood now, Lucifer could not do the same to him- at least not easily. He did not know all of his opponent's abilities, nor did you... so you could only be careful. He roared, and lunged forward again, both of you dropping into a combat stance then.

To defend Medea, a horde of soldiers had swarmed in while she escaped into the mist, laughing all the while saying she'd let them deal with the issue now that she was too weak to fight her prey on her own. Niki was fighting them off alongside Erkz- standing close to him so he could remain unaffected by her time stopping powers. In brief pauses she froze time, her rail gun and your rifle both firing in succession during the frozen period and taking out many in the instants time flowed back in. There was barely time to react- they had no counters to this kind of ability.

She was getting exhausted quickly, but the enemy numbers had been thoroughly depleted... they were counting on Allen and you to defeat the angels, so they handled this, with Zags projecting barriers to defend you from their powerful pulse bullets in return. They had been taught some strong tricks by Cronus, but as Bookman theorized, "Nothing strong enough to put himself at risk. If they were to turn on him he'd be able to level them with ease as they know next to nothing about the powers they wield... maybe because it is not their own power, it does not speak to them."

Those weren't the only opponents. The remainder of the descendants controlled by Cronus had come to join the fight; waiting behind the soldiers barricades for the moment they believed Niki would be too tired to continue to stop time. At that instant they'd rush in and attack- never aware of the black blood now flowing through their blue armored ally, priming his claws... the instant they attacked, he too would strike and carve through his own allies.

Not that he ever felt that way about them. They were just people he had been forced to fight alongside or risk destruction at Cronus' hands... but with this, he had been given some freedom. Some leeway from Cronus' control, and he'd happily take it! Knowing this, he happily embraced the stronger, monstrous body that Allen had gifted him through Erkz, and had been conspiring with him since that day. Those he did care for he attempted to wean away- those who refused he let go, those who turned on him he silenced. Now he was here, ready to finally strike out against Cronus.


At those words, he immediately began tearing through their ranks, the single lens on his helmet flashing as he sprung from soldier to soldier, moving like the wolf he emulated- tearing throats out in brisk, clean strikes. Trails of afterimages followed his every movement, and he swept back and forth, creating a wall of images that lurched forward at the soldiers, who had finally turned back and begun opening fire on him after the first silenced screams- the last of them dead in time for him to finally catch up with those 'allies' of his.

Erkz was not surprised at the sight that took place, looking to Niki and patting her shoulder, "You can rest now. I'll take it from here." He explained as his own rifle dissipated, immediately springing over the rubble barricade they had formed with Magnus' metal manipulation and rushing in to help his ally with his mark glowing brightly. With Allen's black blood in them they were like two vampires in the service of an even greater power, who at this time was fighting a much greater foe.

You sprung over Lucifer while Allen rushed into meet him, allowing the man to lunge in to meet him and drive his weapon forward- only to have it pass through a gap opened in his body that he sealed a second later on the man's hand, Lucifer breaking apart into light as the entire forearm was instantly absorbed, the blade of light he had been wielding dissipated as the hand wielding it vanished as well. Following that, Allen grinned... and swung out his own hand, a blade of violet light forming in it.

"So you CAN absorb the abilities of your enemies." You announced upon seeing the weapon appear, Lucifer catching your gaze when he reappeared, the winged man wearing a surprised expression upon seeing the winding light within Allen's hand.

"Not exactly..." Allen shook his head, "For this body, it's a little more difficult than just getting someone's blood. I had to recreate this ability from scratch from what I learn by absorbing damage and seeing the powers in effect... and I get the information on how it's projected by eating him little by little." He stated this with his shark toothed grin, allowing the blade of light to dissipate from his hand.

"So as you experience it you adapt, huh?" You chuckled, "Survival of the fittest... Dinosaurs would be the masters of that if they had not been wiped from extinction."

"Well, maybe you'll find out why and learn from it since you're the living legacy of the Dinosaurs." Allen chuckled, patting your shoulder with the back of his hand while walking past and immediately throwing up both arms as Lucifer rushed in to meet him. He yanked his head aside to avoid being impaled and grabbed the man's arm, twisting it and swinging it over his shoulder, but soon his grip faded as the man burst into light in his fingers. At that, Allen hissed and looked back over his shoulder to see Gabriel and Gero approaching again.

"These children are rather tenacious..." Gero started, looking to Lucifer as he joined them, forming the group of three Seraphim. "Are you sure you wish to continue fighting them? It seems they wish to destroy Cronus as much as our lord does."

"I could care less. I have lost many of my subordinates to the rage of the one with the Sigma mark... until he is dead they will not know peace." Lucifer hissed, pulling his lips back in a scowl, his six wings spreading out.

"Do not let the anger consume you." Gabriel spoke up now, his expression filled with worry as opposed to Gero's. "Do not go down the path of the one who had that name before you and let your ambition consume you, or he shall cast you out of his kingdom just like the last. Don't you want there to be a place for your daughter?"

At that Lucifer faltered- and so did I. His rage briefly fading at the mention of me sent a chill through me... he still cared, even after so long since I had last seen or spoken to him. But quickly his anger returned, and his two swords faded together into one polearm, which he held firmly while looking to Gabriel. "If I do not kill him, there will be no place. He shall one day destroy everything if allowed to grow."

He then looked down at Allen, who had in turn begun looking up at him with his arms crossed over his chest, you standing beside him.

"This, I know." Lucifer finished, and Gabriel sighed.

"...Fine. Then we shall fight with you, and be here to prevent you from treading the path of darkness like you believe this child does!"

"I'm getting tired of this." You hissed to him, Allen looking over at you as your eyes began to glow. "I'm tired of this man standing in our way, killing my friends... you may be here now, but at those times I truly believed you had died. That is still unforgiveable. Sit back and look way. I'm ending this." I don't know where you got the idea, but I believe you listened to your mark then... it probably spoke to you, and you took full advantage of it. Your eyes lost their Burgundy color, and instead became a steel gray...

They were sweeping in now, Gabriel and Gero- but you wanted Lucifer. Allen had accounted for this though, making sure not to look at you directly... however, for the two four winged men whom he had programmed to follow Lucifer, his lesser underlings, he did not care. They collided with the two men from behind, seizing their arms in a tight hold behind them and holding them back while Lucifer relentlessly dived forward.

"What are you doing!?" Gabriel hissed, unable to see the purple veins stretching across the face of the man who was behind him- but he saw them on the one behind Gero, eyes opening wide at the sight. He broke apart instantly, bursting into light particles and reforming in the exact same spot, facing his own captor- and tearing him in half down the middle, black blood spewing forth as the axe he summoned split Allen's puppet.

Gero did similar, his wings suddenly folding upon his captor and piercing the man through his own back- burning him apart from within until only ash remained, the floating Gero now free and setting his wings right again. By the time they had disposed of them though, the inevitable had already followed.

Lucifer had lunged at Allen, whose back was facing toward you as he had promised- and immediately you lunged into his path, the spear piercing your stomach and burning through all it crossed before pushing out your back, a sneering Lucifer grinning as he stopped and twisted the weapon, attempting to drag it up into your chest while you locked it in place with two soul energy covered hands.

"What a monster, you won't even watch your friend in the moment of his death!"

Then your hands seized the side of his head, the man grunting in surprise as you suddenly yanked his face incredibly close and stared straight into his eyes, even as he had jerked the spear upwards, tearing through more of your organs.

The reaction was instant. Even the blade of light in his hands was not free. A metamorphosis undertook him in a flash the moment his eyes made contact- and now in your hands was stone, with the expression of rage permanently transfixed upon Lucifer's expression when he realized what you had done. Your eyes had become those of the great Gorgon- twisting your body, summoning their abilities unto yourself, rather than drawing upon it from your mark as a weapon.

Even it was a conceptual tool. One that was so instantaneous that even Lucifer could not escape- and you followed through accordingly, seizing the stone spear trapped in your stomach and breaking it in half. You pulled the weapon free of your stomach, and destroyed him with it. All it took was a single swing, a massive swing that shattered both the spear and the stone man's body, breaking it apart from torso to neck, and waist to knee, his body falling to pieces and cracking upon the ground.

You released the piece of rock in your hand, and took a step backwards, eyes glowing for another moment before the Gorgon's Eyes faded, and your Iota mark dimmed. You looked up at the two angels, who looked on in horror, then turned on heel, walking away.

"Are you going to leave them?" Allen asked you as you passed.

"They aren't the enemy." You responded, and continued walking; ignoring the gaping wound in your stomach as it finally began to heal. "They had showed reluctance to fight to begin with. With this development, I see no reason for them to continue, lest they be willing to lose their own lives and join him in his fate."

Allen looked back to them- they had descended rapidly, collecting the pieces of their stone comrade, his head first, then he followed after you. He sped up his pace to match yours and walk side by side, and he grit his teeth, looking at the destruction around.

"It's hardly over." He started, and you nodded your head. "That woman was a good prediction of further events. He's gathering his forces to protect himself. Legends, Titans... if we're going to strike we have to hit him where it hurts, and now."

"Then we start with Gaia." You replied, looking to him. Both of you nodded, crossing the battlefield to meet your allies who were merely cleaning up in the aftermath of the destruction.

I couldn't help but cry after it was over. After all, he was my father and he had been nothing but kind to me. I loved him, even if he was a fighter of a warmonger's army. I made sure to wash my face before any of you arrived, so you wouldn't see. Only Tabrias knew, and he didn't tell anyone. Only Tabrias, and Allen, who I told on my own after plans had been made.

There was no time for celebrations. Niki was happy, Magnus was happy, everyone was happy that Lucifer, who had tormented them for months, was dead. Geen was free to go his own way after willingly collaborating with Allen after realizing he had been infected by the man's black blood through Erkz, but with nowhere to go he was allowed to stay in the pocket home with the rest of you for the time being.

Yet there was no time to relax. Plans had to be made, and we had to act immediately. I got in contact with Meiya and we all gathered, Tabrias allowing Sankou and his guard entry to his home yet again, Lazarus rejoining them now that his purpose at Allen's side had been completed, intentionally or not.

Sankou began with, "Tomorrow's going to be a busy day."