Chapter 1

A young boy ran through the forest, jumping over fallen branches and weaving through the trees as he held his bleeding arm. He looked back behind him, seeing the pack of wolves were gaining on him easily. Desperately he jumped down a small ledge, barely getting his balance as he landed, and ran down an unknown path. Small branches scratched his cheek as he passed and hidden roots threatened to trip him, but the boy pushed on. He wore a long sleeved tunic that was tied with a dark red sash that almost scraped against the ground and shoes that were mostly meant for walking on paved ground. His dark hair was short and stuck up a little at the top.

Ahead he saw what looked like a trail and put on a sudden burst of speed, hoping that there were at least people who could help him. Once he burst from the bushes he saw that he was just at a dead end with no where to go except to be backed up against a large boulder. Despair settled over the boy as he leaned against the boulder and fell to one knee, keeping his eye on where the wolves would appear.

As if sensing his loss of will the wolves calmly walked through the bushes and faced him as a pack. The large alpha male, a handsome grey wolf, growled at him.

"Come on, I dare you." The boy shouted at the wolves, taking out a dagger that was too big for him and pointed it at the wolves. If he was going to die he wasn't going down without a fight, as his father taught him. 'There is more pride in fighting till you die than dying as a coward' were the words of his father that resounded through his head, giving the boy peace of mind and acceptance. The wolves answer him with deep throated growls and started to advance with deliberate movements that promised death. The boy started to tear up a little as he faced the wolves, staring hard into the alphas eyes.

Just as the pack was about to pounce on him someone came out of nowhere and put themselves in front of the wolves. Because his eyes were blurry with tears the boy quickly wiped them away to see that it was just a little girl standing in front of him, her arms spread wide as if she could shield his body with hers just by blocking him from sight. He could tell that her clothes were extremely oversized, like an adult's clothing. The shirt was long, hanging over her shoulders with the straps crossed over her neck to keep it up, and slightly frilled ending just at the tips of her fingers and landing somewhat below her knees, covering large leather boots that seemed to go up above her knees. Her hair was slightly short and seemed a little unkept with little groups of hair sticking out like ruffled fur. How could she even move in her oversized attire, he wondered. Then he realized that a little girl was standing in front of a pack of hungry wolves and tried to get up, but to his surprise the wolves ceased growling and turned away.

"Are you okay?" The girl asked, turning around and walking over to him. Behind her was a silver grey wolf pup who stared at him curiously but didn't move from where it was. "Let me see." She gently took his arm in her small hands and examined his wound. The boy wasn't able to resist because all that was going through his mind was that he was alive and that he could go home. He was so relieved and caught up in his thoughts that he barely noticed that his arm was already gauzed and wrapped up. Whatever the girl put on his arm immediately numbed the pain enough so that he could move around. Either she was fast or he had really spaced out from shock.

"Thank you very much for you help. But why did you do such a thing? You could've been killed too." The boy said. The girl before him just smiled as she helped him to stand.

"They're my family." She simply replied.

"What?" The boy was genuinely confused now.

"They raised me when I was very small." She said. "Your father is that way. He's looking for you." With that the girl turned away to follow after the pack, but the boy stopped her.

"Wait." He quickly sheathed the dagger that he was holding and took one last look at it. It was finely made, the blade strong, sharp, and long. It's hilt was broad and straight with curved leaves at the ends. The grip had a vine-like design wounding its way up and down. On the pommel was a lotus flower, expertly carved with fine silver and painted over to make it look like a real lotus flower, just with lesser petals. The boy's father made it for his mother as a wedding present, but she died a few years ago. He always kept the dagger with him to remind him of his mother, yet for some reason he felt like giving it to this strange girl who had save his life. "I. I want to give this to you. To thank you for saving me and also as a sign of friendship. It's a Lotus Dagger." He said, holding out the dagger to the strange girl before him. "I'm Kallen. If ever you will need anything, you can always count on me." He said, with a big smile.

The girl returned the smile warmly. "My name is Aru. I'll give this to you then because we're friends." Aru reached for the thin leather thong around her neck, hoisted it over her head, and offered Kallen the necklace she had been wearing. Tied to the leather thong is a red gem that was rounded like a small orb. It is framed by two long fangs that must have came from her wolves. All three items were wrapped tightly together with another, thinner, leather string in a crossed pattern. "It's called the Jewel of Wolf Fangs. It'll protect you. I made it myself when wolf mama died." Kallen reached for the necklace and stared at it in amazement. At the center of the orb it was pitch black, but as you look more towards the edge it lightens in color to a light reddish pink hue.

"Thank you very. Much..." When Kallen looked up the girl was gone. He didn't even hear her go. He looked back down at the odd hand-made pendant and turned in the direction that Aru had pointed to where his father was. He only took a few steps forward when his father emerged from behind a tree. He was just about to suck in a breath to call Kallen's name when he saw him right there.

"Kallen, my son! Where have you been? I was so worried about you. I heard wolves howling and knew you were out in the woods. Did you get lost? You're bleeding. Come on, let's get you back home." Kallen's father gingerly picked him up and started walking back from where he came. "Where's you mother's dagger?" Kallen's father asked as he kept walking on.

"I gave it to a girl that saved me from the wolves, father." Kallen said, looking back at the forest, hoping to catch a glimpse of Aru again. "And then she gave me this." Kallen held up the Jewel of Wolf Fangs. "She said it will protect me."

"A girl? Where is she? We should bring her along with us then." Kallen's father said, about to turn around.

"No father. She lives here with the wolves." Kallen said, trying to explain to his father, but seeing that it probably wouldn't even make enough sense for his father to understand Kallen gave up. "Can we go home now dad?" Kallen looked his father in the eye. Thinking that the girl was probably a figment of his son's imagination the older man agreed and started walking towards the village in which they lived in.

Not far from where Kallen's father had decided to turn around but then changed his mind Aru sat on a branch, concealed by the leaves in her dark green shirt dress, the wolf pup securely wrapped in one arm while in the other hand she held the Lotus Dagger. Once she was sure that they were gone she jumped down and gently placed the pup next to her. Aru unsheathed the dagger from its plain scabbard and observed the blade again, really liking the straightness of the blade that gently curving from one side to make a nice sharp point.

"This will come in handy, don't you think Blue?" Aru said, looking down at the wolf pup next to her. Sighing with content Aru returned the dagger in its sheath and started to walk away. "Blue. Time to go home." The little wolf pup then scampered on after Aru, whimpering once when she was along side her two-legged friend. "Come on girl, race you." Aru leapt into a sprint and laughed as Blue yipped and followed close behind.

From afar, at the edge of the forest, Kallen could hear the faint laughter coming from behind the trees. "I hope we meet again, Aru!" Kallen shouted to the trees, surprising his father who just laughed and tousled his son's hair.

"You're probably just imagining things. Girls in the forest. Running with wolves." Kallen's father said and gestured for his son to follow him home. While they were walking they heard a chorus of a howling wolf pack.

Aru heard Kallen's distant call and also hoped that they could meet again someday. Though she knew that it was probably not possible since her pack has was going to leave this area soon and find a better place to hunt. Aru threw back her head and howled a sad goodbye to her first human friend. Her pack joined in with her song, helping her spread her message and supporting her with their voices.

Eleven years later...

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