"The end is nearby,"

She pushed the front door lightly. The large hall was imposing. It was decorated with the utmost extravagance. She lifted her skirt and ventured in further. The grey that had infested the outside was just as present inside.

Her footsteps rang out. The cool marble floor was soothing. She paused. The door to her right was slightly ajar. She glanced around hesitantly. There was no sign of life. The household looked long abandoned. She approached the door briskly.

Her hand brushed the soft rounded metal door knob. Memories stirred in the depths of her mind. She pulled the door open and stepped in. A startled gasp reverberated. The room was oddly recognisable. The windows were majestic but shattered. The settees were ruined, their stuffing pouring out from them.

She tentatively inched further in. A striking and ostentatious chandelier hung from the ceiling. The gold was dulled. Dust had claimed it too. The small trace of gold was a relief. The ability to differentiate colours somehow comforted her.

"My, such an odd occurrence," Mi cooed.

She flinched as she looked up. At the opposite end of the room was a large box built into the wall. Mi stood atop it. The large sketch of two resplendent wings spread from behind her. They were sketched in with something other than dust and smears. There was a caramel tint to it.

"I'm sorry… Is this your home?" she enquired timidly. "I don't mean to intrude! I felt faint and weak. Please may I remain here for a time?"

Mi scoffed. She glowered down at the pitiful woman. From looking alone she knew. The woman was one of the Kim's'. She had no intention of surrendering what she had worked so hard to claim. Mi turned to face the woman head on.

"You may die outside," she replied. "There is no place for the likes of you here, Sun Hi."

She looked away quickly; shocked and disappointed. She bit her lip contemplatively. No idea came to her. She sighed in defeat and looked back up. Her eyes widened.

She glanced around the room. "Where did she go?"

As she looked around her eyes fell upon a collection of mirrors. Her feet lead her towards it at once. There was impatience in her pace. Her sudden longing for knowledge and answers is stilled. Her feet stop moving. The reflection wasn't what she expected.

Sun Hi whimpered. Her hands clasped over her heart. Tears rose in her eyes. Her reflection was not her.

"Mi Sun, come along," a voice called.

She flinched. The sudden withdrawal from her reverie stunned her for a moment. She smiled softly. A quiet laugh rose in her throat. She looked back up to the mirror. It was one of the smallest in the collection. The frame was bronze.

"I'm coming,"

Mi Sun tucked strands of her hair behind her right ear. The ornate clasp of semi-precious stones and blue feathers gleamed. Her fingers caressed it lightly. Her dark hair was a deep, rich tone of chocolate with soft curls.

A low sound of impatience reached her. Mi Sun covered her mouth quickly. She couldn't silence her giggle entirely. The maid was displeased with her pace. That maid in particular had always found flaw with her.

Mi Sun stepped back. Her grey gown shimmered. The train extended two feet behind her. There were three layers of chiffon. The uppermost layer held sparkle. There were two oval strips of fabric that fell from the back of her shoulders. They were representative of wings – the unofficial family insignia.

She pulled the sleeves into a more comfortable position. The sleeves were very short. They barely covered her shoulders. The fabric was made to appear like feathers. Tassels hung from the bottom of them. They tickled her arms.

"Welcome, welcome, hurry and come in. The weather has been so dry of late. Come and refresh yourself," her grandmother urged at the door.

Mi Sun spun on her heel. She strode towards the door; her head held high. She would be the one to welcome them to her humble abode. It was time to show her kin that she had surpassed her rebelliousness.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this tale. For those who are confused this is a tale of the light and the darkness within Mi Sun. I wonder what the goodness and darkness in me are called…

I hope you enjoy my tale. Thank you for reading my work. I apologise to all those who were not satisfied.

(Mi Sun – Beauty and goodness. Sun Hi – Goodness and joy.)

Inspired by a K-pop song by the title of Guilty.