When you look at it all
you could never want to look away
for fear you might never see it again
every breath of intake -new thoughts flow through the head
why is all the beauty escaping from the world?
In three years everything won't look like this
and so many changes will take place
I can't ever say I knew it at all.
hmm? what is that you say?
It hurts to look
the dying sights in front of us no longer deem ageless to look at
why would you not want to stare just as before
before today you would- could stare for hours on end
and not blink
whats so different now?
Is it because it no longer has that spark that was there
so and what of it
it's still the same
why are you so careless of your feelings and what you say
I can read every thought you think outloud and inwardly
just 'cause you try to hide it doesn't mean it worked
come open with what you really want to say
before I say it for you in front of the whole world
reveal your hideous lie
now before they find out the harsh way
that you of anyone- that has ever mattered- that you deem me-
not stareful
and you thought of me said that I shouldn't mind others
how can I trust you
with everything you've told me tought me shown me
if in just a short time you'll throw me in has-beens trade and recycle
in three years
I won't know you
in three years
I won't- couldn't ever care of you
in three years
another will pass
and four will come.