"You've got nerve, wearing a pilot's jacket."
"I don't care. Fuck them."
"And then?"
Between us, the rain fell.
"Is that it?"

I met an old friend in the bar. Where those hats were lined up against the wall. Sitting beside them, it took all my effort not to go insane.

Dear brother,
I felt the fires of hell twice this day
dear brother, I love you
but I would tell you nothing.

I jumped into the darkness
just to see how far it would go
out of sheer curiosity I followed him
(just like you sit sometimes, brother, in your cube
listening to your music, little Nero)
I don't know when I realized I couldn't go back
at some point it didn't matter

I am not brave. I am not strong.

when I could no longer see my own shadow
standing among these shadows
it took all my effort not to go insane.

"They will not give in. He will suffer for days. For weeks, maybe."

I spent two hours making that letter,
that collage like a madman, a demented kid's kindergarten project
slaving all over the kitchen table, what a joke

M. Dupont

and next morning they came to me
to retrieve me, like faithful dogs

when we were young you said we'd always find each other
I would always come back and find you
no matter where I wandered
no matter where you wandered off to

"You will die here. And no one will know your name."
Between us, the marble floor clicked.
"Is that what you want?"

I just smiled.

because at some point I realized
I would never see the sky again
certainly never fly.

So, you were right
I have come back, my shadow
like an Angel, a Reaper kneeling beside you
I have come to offer the gift to you.

"Do you want it?"