When you're not doin what you did to me before

i go
oh oh ohh.
why did i ever fall for that smile
how did you pull my heart all around
what did you get from this
besides seeing me fall and break off the list.
Well you can check me off
{me off}
you've done what you came to do
broke my soul ate my heart
and left me to die -alone.
Now move on to the next person
you hate the most.
But just tell me
why didn't i see through that lie
how did i get so close
{so close}
and what do i learn from this
loving someone only causes more

damage when ya

trip And miss.
{and miss.}
Well believe me when i say this time
{this time}
i wont ever have to say goodbye
cause loving hurts more than it supposed to be
i rather not mourn than love again.
But before you leave
tell me one true thing if you can live through it.
Just why
why did i ever fall for that smile
how do i jump back up again
and what do we learn from this.
Loving you is like filling my mouth with poison.
{Poison poison.}