I can hear you as you whisper

‛I love you'

feel your soul as you breathe into me

you steal my heart away

every time I look at you

this love is what we have

forever and for life is true

you are my guardian angel

there's is no one else like you.

Take my hand and we'll run from the heat

feel the love song sing in our leave

all my love is for you

my deepen soul I could not dare have more than you

the love we have is true

there's no one better for me than you.

Love is all it takes

to forgive and forget all our pains

and when we share these feelings we go through

you listen

and you care for me

as I do you.

You are my guardian angel

I'm so glad I found you

you rescued me from the plains

of heart ache

that now craves for you.

Our love is true

I love you with my heart

mind and soul

and you love me more than anyone

you'll take care of me

‛cause there's no one better than you.