Where did we go wrong. When did I go blind.

All this time I couldn't see what was right in front of my eyes.

Leave me as I am. Helpless from the start.

One day I will see you. Mistress of the Dark.

I didn't know how I could leave you hanging on.

I thought somehow you would leap into my arms.

But without the light. You're bound to miss.

Why couldn't I see that you were holding in.

Lost in the night.

Surrounded by stars.

Hope you can see what I can see

missed it from the start.

In another day. I'll remove this scar.

Mistress of the Dark. Lost within my heart_.

So far_. You won't be here.

Hanging on by a thread. Save yourself.

I've come come to my end.

Lost in the sea.

Drowned in what I've become.

Mistress of the Dark. Shadows take your form_.

Mistress of the Dark. Lost from sight.

Holding my breath. Don't you dare hold on.

The battle soon begins.