When someone says I resemble you and gives me the bit of evidence, I inwardly snort and am convicted that they are wrong.

Yet when I find similarities in you and me it scares me. Only the ones I see in my own eyes. I wonder how much I resemble you. I do not wish to become you. For all your happiness and well-to-do success, I don't wish to become you.

Does it offend you? Don't be. You told me to only absorb the good facets of people. But more than that (for it isn't that you don't have your good) is that I wish to be mine own person.

To think I have the same mindset you. That you could potentially understand me yet so obviously not understand me right now is very frustrating.

I do not want to believe you don't understand me simply because you are unconsciously choosing not to.

But then again, I don't want to be two peas in a pod, cast of the same mold or two people isolated in a world of their own.

It is more convincing to believe people have their own quirks and no individual is completely like another. To understand another person fully is a unattainable ideal.