I dream of summery winters

And castles underground

Where my life will be well lived

In journeys yet unfound


My dreams are a reality

To some other universe

Where I shall always see the light

In times better or worse


As this bountiful sun shines on me

I cannot help but think

What this world would be

Under the single influence of death's wink


You may not be with me anymore

But why should I cry?

After all, life has never betrayed me

Only my tears aren;t present for you to dry


Someday I shall be with you

Our loving and best friend

And then we can truly be together

Till the very end


I still dream of castles and summery winters

In dreary afternoons

With chocolate skies and dreamy eyes

Decorated with beautiful red balloons


My love for you shall ever stay

From this very fateful evening till day

For I know you're always a part

Of my everlasting, immortal heart


When I dream of those dreary skies

I always think of you

For I know you as my closest bud

In hope, that's what you think of me too.