Reasons for life, many a few

Want for life, all anew

Oh what on earth shall I do?

Why my world is incomplete without you!


I cannot cry, I must not shed even a tear

But how is that possible when you are not here?

As I last predicted, my very primordial fear

I lost someone to whom I was always dear.


What did I not do to save my very love?

It was you, my dear, even far above

When I felt that anguish, that incredible pain

Just staggering along in that deep rain.


The graves yearn for your presence

I must not deny

For this is where you shall be lying

Even though I often ask myself- why?


I regret that I did nothing

Oh my fickle and weak heart

The very same thing that denied me

And brought us far apart


Maybe you never were meant to be

But That I cannot believe

These are just sick perverted lies

That our mind wants to deceive


Ah but I live in hope

That it will happen someday

When you will reach out your heart

In your own special way


We will be together again

I do not know when

But when we do, I know it's true

I will bear out all my heart and soul to you


I still live with that feeble hope

In that dreariest of day

That we shall be one, with no worries at all

In that summery sky of the brightest May