When the night raises its glaive Ready to sever all ties to the sun I will stand ready and tall and never all this darkness to reign.

Your nightmares may be strong Terrifying to behold But I will remain ever vigilant at your side And hold strong against the tide.

No harm will ever befall you even when I succumb For even as it overtakes me I will forever live on.

Not for glory, fame, or fortune Not for recognition and gold To protect the ones I love To serve those in need.

My purpose clear My senses strong All nightmares who dare take heed:

We are in their hearts We reign supreme in their souls We keep their minds clear as fear clouds it And strike away any who come near.

Not once shall you come near Not once will your threat become clear.

I will never surrender Never give in For even in death I will still be here.

Crush my heart,
my body,
my soul.
Take away all that I am.

Do your worst,
steal me away,
turn me to ash.
But I will always reignite.

Forever a flame against the darkness Forever a bastion of hope.

Try and perform your mightiest spell of fear And I will continue to battle on.

Even when my flame is extinguished When the spark within me dies,
I will live on in their hearts and minds A light forever burning in their soul.