seraphim crashed from the sky like shooting stars,
fulfilling the last torn page of revelation
as the angels wept in bended knees
for a girl who was willing to be
a sweet sacrifice

a price she had to pay for the faithless

demons in the guise of men will
destroy her fragile body but can
never possess her
sacred soul

her blood is in the hands of the sinners

and i stood from a distance, paralyzed and mute,
helplessly watching the wicked scene
replaying before my eyes

i still dream of the world being swallowed
up by the virgin's tears

i cursed god and lost faith in humanity
for we were filthy and unworthy
of jesus' selfless love

father, why have you forsaken me?

so i let darkness consume my entire being and killed
innocent people in my thoughts, craving to cut
out their gossipmonger tongues and
even prayed for their demise

beloved, welcome to the other side



this is based on a recurring nightmare
i've been having about the end of the world..

there's a hidden revelation that wasn't written in the bible..
and the angels will fall from the sky,
trying to save as many souls as they possibly can
and the whole world will be engulfed with water..
and my sister will serve as a sacrifice..

this is my apocalypse..
coz it's the same thing every time..
i couldn't help her..
i couldn't save my own sister..
then i wake up
but it isn't over..