antipsychotics and prescription pills

as the sky douses itself with gasoline
like an arsonist setting himself on fire-
i anxiously crave for the perfect
moment to light the match
since timing is everything, darling

and so i wait for the silence
to pierce your ears so that
when you look into my eyes,
it's like your fourteen
all over again

and by then, i would scream your name,
holding you accountable for every
single thing that goes wrong
and christen you with
my disease because honey,
i love to see you

my queen paranoia, a victim of delusions-
you are my unsuspecting heroine
with suicidal tendencies,
flirting with disaster
and kissing death
directly on the lips

you slowly kill yourself with little cuts
on your left wrist but scars tell a
better story and these anti-psychotics
and prescription pills suffocate
the memories but only
for a moment


and the moon is wearing
a straight-jacket, singing
a whiskey lullaby only
you could hear..