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I was driving along the road. It was fucking pouring with rain. I could barely see through the fog and buckets of rain thrown on my windscreen, so I picked up my phone and called mum.

Putting it on speaker phone I put my little mobile in the cup holder. Easier to talk.

"Hey, Mum? I can't make it tonight it's just pelting with rain and I can't see. I'm pulling into a motel for the night."

"Alright baby. Will you be here tomorrow?" my mother asked.

"Yeah, just not tonight."

We said our goodbyes and I hung up my phone.

Pulling into a small motel with a big sign that read 'the Comfort Inn' and the sign saying 'vacancy' I was quite happy. I had stayed here multiple times before with my family.

As I got out of the car, someone pulled in the parking space next to me. Their car nearly clipped me and my cars door but as I turned to yell at them I stopped. You wouldn't believe who was standing there.

Nick was there. Nick was standing front of me.

Nick who I hadn't seen in four years because our parents had a fight.

Nick who I had wanted to see again for years.

Nick who was my best friend a long time ago.

He noticed me instantly and pulled a disgusting cigarette out of his mouth and stamped it out on the ground with his foot.



"Holy shi-" he broke off and we laughed and hugged in surprise.

It was a big reunion thing of hugging until lightning cracked in a nearby field so Nick asked if we should go inside and pay for a room. We went inside and decided to get a room to share with two single beds.

I walked up with a small suitcase of essentials that I didn't think I'd need but had packed just in case. Nick was carrying basically the same thing.

"So, where were you headed to before the rain hit?" he asked me.

I smiled at him while turning the key we were given in the door.

"I was heading home. I got a job in the music industry, but it keeps me roughly three hours away from home."

"You poor thing." he said with mock sympathy and sarcasm.

I glared at him. "Well what are you doing?"

"I'm a mechanic." Nick said proudly. "But I'm getting a degree in Video Game Programming."

"That sounds so boring to me!" I cried as I plopped myself down in the bed by the window. It was comfy.

"Well I can't read music, or sing, or play, or anything. So I don't particularly like your job either." he said with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes but smiled. I just couldn't believe it was Nick standing there. It was impossible.

"Well. I'm going to get changed so don't open the bathroom door." Nick proclaimed.

"I don't plan to." I said with a giggle, just like old times when we were twelve.

Anyway, while Nick was in the bathroom I pulled my shirt off and changed my pants so I was only wearing grey track-suit pants and a black bra.

This was a normal look for me, actually. In the middle of the night or halfway through getting dressed, inspiration would strike or I just couldn't be bothered throwing a shirt on in hot weather. Plus the heater in my apartment is constantly turned up because I swear my room mate is allergic to cold.

Either way, I wandered towards the window and just stared out at the open field, then the city beyond that.

I heard the bathroom door click open and turned see Nick standing there.

Black track suit pants and a white singlet shirt was all he was wearing.

Nick' eyes were fixed on my chest.

"Dude, I'm sure you have some dignity. My eyes aren't on my tits." I said, snapping my fingers. Nick looked away at my face, blushing furiously.

I pointed and laughed in a childish manner. "HA! You look like a tomato!"

Nick rolled his eyes and fell backwards onto his bed. I snatched the TV remote from the counter and switched it on. Some boring channel about how to build a car came on. I flicked the channel over and Nick began to complain.

"COME ON MAN! THAT WAS INTERESTING!" he protested. Mechanics will be mechanics.

"You have boring interests." I mused before flicking the channel back on. There's nothing good on at this time of night anyway.

Nick smiled in achievement and I pulled out my sketch book from my bag of essentials.

Yes I count my sketch book as essential.

I returned to my drawing that I had started in a little cafe on the road here. It was a picture of my roommate, because she had been bugging me to draw her for ages.

I got lost a little on drawing the hair and grabbed out my photo of the two of us I keep in my wallet.

I was so caught up in my drawing I didn't notice Nick over my shoulder until he whispered, "That your girlfriend?" in my ear.

I jumped about ten feet in the air, hitting Nick in the face with my sketch book as I did so.

Nick stepped backwards, holding his face. I saw blood seeping between his fingers and ran to the bathroom where I had thrown a first aid kit as we walked in.

I grabbed tissues and an icepack, then ran back out only to collide with Nick' shoulder.

I held a hand to his nose, which was currently being cradled by his hands, as to not get any blood on my back, shoulder or head.

I pushed Nick backwards and sat him on the bed.

Ripping open the tiny packet of tissues that I knew wouldn't hold up with all that blood, I brushed Nick' hair out of his face to check his forehead and gave him the tissues.

Nick' hands flew like lightning as he grabbed the tissues from me.

I rolled my eyes let his black hair flop back over his eyes. Jogging slowly back to the bathroom I wet a cloth and jogged back to clean up Nick' arms and face.

"You're all bloody and messy." I chastised him as I carefully wiped the red liquid slowly dripping down his arm.

"You hit me with you're book!" Nick blamed me, his voice muffled by tissues.

"I'm sorry. And its you're fault! You're the when who scared the shit out of me!" I put the blame back on him.

Nick rolled his eyes and went to lean his head back. I stopped his head and leant it forward.

"Contrary to popular belief, you're supposed to put your head forward with a blood nose. You're sisters a nurse, you should know this crap."

Nick growled under his breath and I knew I had just hit a nerve.

"Nick?" I asked him skeptically. "What happened in the past four years?"

Nick was silent.

"Nick? Answer me!" I pressed.

Nick' dark chocolate, almost black, eyes locked on to mine.

"Why don't you go ask your precious Isabella? She'll tell you." Nick snapped at me. I placed a finger under his chin and lifted his face to mine.

"Nick, please?" I pleaded, my voice soft.

"Can I tell you when my nose stops massacre-ing itself?"

I nodded a tiny nod. "Sure."

I rummaged through my bag and threw a loose shirt on. Plain black with 'How to Train Your Dragon: Arena Spectacular' printed in red and white on the front.

A short while later, Nick' nose stopped bleeding and I proceeded to pester him about my previous question.

I turned on my bed to Nick who was sitting on his bed but staring straight at the TV.

"Nick?" I questioned. He didn't move.

"Do I have to start calling you Nicky again?"


"Nicky? Nicky, Nicky, Niiiiiiiiiiicky?"

Nick turned and glared at me.

"Fine. I'll tell you. You know when I said years ago that I wished I could see you again?"

I nodded.

"It was more than that. It was more 'I want to get away from here, away from my parents' kind of thing. They started... Fighting. Every time they fought Mum always let go and agreed with Dad. But then they starting fighting and Mum fought back. She stood her ground."

I nodded for him to go on and inched closer to the side of my bed, closer to Nick.

"Dad... Dad wasn't happy that Mum was fighting back. He got drunk, and brought up a subject that Mum wasn't happy with and they'd yell at each other."

Nick took in a slightly shuddering breath, and looked down at his feet.

"He started to hit her. Dad would slap Mum across the face, and eventually he would kick her and punch her. He cut her hair."

I remembered Nick' mums hair. The last time I saw her it was brilliantly flowing down her back.

"I got sick of it, and I confronted Dad. Isabella was hiding behind him, like she was scared of me. Dad 'didn't like my tone' and he took a swing at me. I ducked, but I accidentally tripped over something. Dad took the opportunity to kick me when I'm down."

I gasped and put a hand over my mouth.

"My nose was broken, I was bleeding all over and it just hurt. Dad walked off and pulled Mum into the bedroom, while Isabella just stood there. I thought she was going to help me, and I reached out for her... But she... Walked off... My own little sister that I carried home when she fractured her ankle left me lying there."

I jumped off my bed and onto Nick's. I carefully wrapped my arms around him as he began to cry over my shoulder. This had happened countless times when we were younger. Usually it was me crying, but it didn't matter. I cradled Nick as he gently wept into my shoulder.

A short while later, Nick pulled back and wiped his eyes. He drew in a shuddering breath and jumped off the bed.

"I'm gonna step outside for a smoke," he said, pulling a small box out of his bag.

A pack of 50 strong cigarettes.

I was tempted to tell him to quit but now wasn't the time, and I knew that he needed at right now. At least he thought he did.

I sighed and flicked some random channel on the television on while I waited for him to come back.

I wasn't even watching the TV. I was processing what Nick had just told me. Thinking over and over about how it couldn't be happening. It was just impossible. I didn't want to believe it.

But Nick's tears proved it. He never cried unless he was sincerely angry or upset. Just like me.

After a while Nick returned, stinking of those damned cigarettes.

He sat down on the bed and faked a smile for me. I rolled my eyes and laid my head in his lap. I felt Nick' hand begin to stroke my hair. Damnit he still remembered that trick.

~ Flashback ~

"Nick seriously, I can't sleep, stop pestering me." Danni snapped at Nick. He took a deep breath and sighed. Danni rolled over on her mattress and Nick climbed onto the bed next to her.

He leaned over and stroked her hair, having seen Danni use this trick to get Isabella to sleep. Danni visibly calmed, her tense muscles relaxing.

Soon enough Danni was asleep. Nick smirked. He'd remember this trick for later.

~ End Flashback ~

I felt tired immediately. Knowing exactly what he was going to try, I lightly smacked his knee, with so little force I don't think it counted as a smack.

"I know what you're doing Nick. Stop it," I ordered him, without looking at him.

Nick' hand stopped stoking my head, but his fingers still lay woven in my hair. I raised my hand up to my head and laced his fingers with mine. Soft, pale bones against tanned and calloused flesh, like milk and chocolate.

I sighed.

"Nick?" I asked, breaking the peaceful silence.


"Do you wanna come to my place for a couple of days?"

Nick smiled.

"I'd love to."

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