Rina: Hey you know, there's a better chance users at Fictionpress would check out this announcement before PSI Games, the actual rewrite.

Corey: Which means it's the perfect opportunity to advertise right? We need to show our quirkiness!.. QUIRKINESS!

Lucir: Well, I hope you enjoyed their lively antics, but I believe we should proceed to the true intention of this piece. Greetings, my name is Lucir and it is my task to inform you of Psykofreac's latest announcement.

As you can see, this version of Psychronicles was taken down, but there was reason for this. Mister Freac wished to start fresh with a rewritten version of this series which you can find on profile under the title of PSI Games. Don't mind the name change, Mister Freac is actually trying all sorts of possible titles for the series and like with many things, has been leaving possibilities open. As such, any opinion would be appreciated.

As for the old version of the series, there is no need to be anxious as Mister Freac had preserved a copy for anyone who still wishes to request it. So please do visit Psykofreac's new story, he can assure you would love to join the eccentric children's many adventures.