Corey had risen to his feet to cautiously continue his fight with Dominic.

"You still willing to fight one who cannot die?" Dominic rushed forward with his spear again and considering how little he could harm Dominic, Corey decided it's best to stay on the defensive. As he dodged the last attack, an idea had sprung to him and got into position for it.

"Hey kid I'm sure you don't want to die do you?" Dominic started adjourning the fight. "Well if we continue like this, that's where it's headed but I have a better idea."

"I'll let you live if you promise to work with me and betray your friends," Dominic proposed. "It's best for us both isn't it? Even if they complete the mission, you won't be alive to celebrate it after all."

What is with these guys and making such stupid offers, Corey thought. He wasn't going to agree anyway and gave a less cliche answer, "And bail out on such a fun fight? No way."

"Heheh, there is a fine line between a challenge and the impossible kid!" Dominic roared before charging up again. "Allow me to enlighten you!"

Corey dodged the spear, for it to crash into the unusually large oak tree again. He also then kicked it to boost himself behind Dominic and called forth his signature attack, "Force Blast!"

The projectile had missed Dominic to crash into the oak tree. Just a little more, Corey thought before Dominic rallied another round of attack and dodge until Corey made some distance. There Corey fired one more blast of kinetic energy, hoping it's the last as he's getting really exhausted now. But Dominic had even dodged this one.

"You know, for someone who specializes in a projectile attack you can at least work on your aim," Dominic but was then shocked by the crashing sound on the oak tree near him. The next thing he knew, the tree had fallen on top of him, it must have been a Snake Blast that had curved to hit it. He tried escaping, but could only set his head, upper torso and left arm free. He also found that the spear had been knocked out of his arm and out of reach in front of him. "Damn you."

Corey was shocked to see that, after healing himself, Dominic could still slowly lift the tree with only the strength of his left arm. He won't get out too soon, but if this drags on any longer, all of Corey's efforts will go to waste. So he found another tree nearby to also make it tumble over, with the help of one last Force Blast, so the tree will land on top of the oak tree, pinning it down and pin Dominic down as a result.

Dominic couldn't even say anything in disbelief. Who are these Occult Society brats? Not only could they play both him and Mera for fools, despite their meticulous plans but this noseless kid could triumph over him in a fight?

"Not much use being in perfect condition if you can't move right?" This time it was Corey walking up, confidently smiling. He then jumped to sit on the fallen oak tree to continue telling Dominic. "Now if you could regenerate a hundred times, I can just beat you up a hundred and one times."

Corey then pointed his finger at Dominic in a gesture like it was a gun, winking, "Checkmate!"


Ian, Rina and Jimmy are now at the forest near enough to see the border of town, most of them waiting patiently. Ian however was getting fed up, "Let's just head into town already!"

"We all just agreed to wait for Prisha as he checks out at the Occult Society hideout remember?" Rina reminded him. "Besides, we best play it safe in case any of the other two of the High Disciples are still alive and stick together. We even need to protect Jimmy remember?"

As they were speaking, Prisha had emerged from the woods to inform his team, "The assistant told me that Alex wasn't there yet. We could leave a message but he's currently at a meeting with our client in a room in the tavern and fortunately we are welcome."

"Well the timing could have been better but I think we stayed in one place for long enough," Rina stood up ready to enter town but first turned back to look deeper in the woods. "Though I am worried about how Corey is doing. How about someone go back first to see if he needs help?"

"Ooh me! Corey's evil clone!" Corey popped out behind everyone and made them face fault from the shock.


The whole group had decided to enter Deciel to head to the meeting at the tavern. There Jimmy was reunited with Samantha, but the others were bewildered by the fact that, along with Alex, the brothers Dan and Don were also there.

"You were sent by those disciple freaks to infiltrate us weren't you?" Ian pointed his finger at them accusingly.

"Sure I let every random strangers in on our meetings to let them in on every vital information of our work for no apparent reason," Alex remarked.

"To elaborate, we're currently negotiating," Samantha cut in. "It seems there are now other people who came to the Occult Agency to seek information on the Disciples of Aevincere and these two boys are able to bargain with information straight from the church itself."

"Thus far they have provided us with the Book of Aevincere," Alex had held it up. "It's said that it contains the teachings for the more loyal disciples."

"Yes I remember them saying that at the church," Rina replied.

"It's nice to have some confirmation that the evidence is legit," Alex said. "That case was part of the negotiation along with the information we decide to give them. Now enough with that I heard of your award of discretion back at the church that even got the disciples wild."

"Never mind, we should get to business," Alex quickly said, seeing the looks on their faces. "If you have vital information we could talk in private while our clients wait."

"No those Aevincere guys won't learn anything new by knowing what we know," Rina smiled. "Besides, they won't be able to do much now that we're reporting them in."

"Yeah, now everyone will come to realize the frauds they really are," Don said.

"Actually, it turns out that those High Disciples were growing a man eating tree downstairs that they feed people to and grow fruits of eternal youth!" Corey said, evoking bewildered expressions from the four not familiar with the situation.

"Oh right he's just like that huh," Don finally said.

"Umm... as a matter of fact all that really did happen," Jimmy told them.

"What? Are you serious?" Dan, Don and Samantha yelled in shock. Alex however stayed clam to say, "Well I have heard about the Tree of Youth that should be in the Occultpaedia too. So I guess this is when you present evidence?"

"Well yeah... the tree is supposed to be under the church of Aevincere..." Rina said thoughtfully then smiled nervously, sweat dropping. "But then the ones behind this plot burned it down when we found out their secret."

"Congratulations," Alex remarked.

"However, that doesn't necessarily conclude that all evidence had been erased," Prisha got out what looks like a fruit from the Tree of Youth and offered it to Alex. "If you read the Occultpaedia thoroughly, you will find that much like some other trees, the fruit from the Tree of Youth contains a seed that would suffice to sprout a new one."

"Someone in the team with competence, that's a relief," Alex took the fruit and announced to everyone there. "We'll have to adjourn our meeting here and I'll have this analyzed. Tomorrow we'll hope to get this matter settled."

"Well that's a relief, I'm pretty much done with this mission," Ian got up stretching. "Now we can go out to get something to eat. Haven't had any for a while."

"No! You haven't showered for a while either," Prisha pinched him by the ear as he started leaving, and then started walking out of the room himself. "So for the sake of hygiene, I'll go first and the rest of you should be ready after me."

"Wow and I thought I had issues," Alex commented as Rina smiled before leaving with the others.


And so the day has come for the next meeting and Alex's analysis had confirmed Team Freakshow's report to be legitimate and their job was well done. Samantha and Jimmy had shown their gratitude, "Thank you for all you've done for us."

Dan however wasn't as happy though, with his brother Don trying to cheer him up. "Hey man, what's the matter?"

"So it's true what the High Disciples were up to and the rest of the followers were ordered to attack the other religious group," Dan had managed to say. "I'm one of those followers... it's my fault..."

"Really? Those High Disciples had special powers," Ian shrugged. "They would have captured those people anyway. They just sent you there to make it easier."

"Still I followed their orders and attacked without question," Dan replied. "What must I have become to be so careless? Do I even have any virtues?"

"I know! Maybe you just haven't found it yet," Jimmy suggested. "But the teachings of Diviin also help people find their inner goodness."

"Now now Jimmy," Samantha said. "That kind of attitude is what gives us all such a bad stereotype.

"No, you know what the last religion had done to me," Dan continued being pessimistic.

"I know it's true we can't convince you to be loyal but there's no harm in taking our teachings of wisdom," Samantha replied.

"Besides, just because one religion screwed you over doesn't mean they're all bad," Rina decided to contribute. "In fact, your experience helps you make a better judgment and the next time you find faith, it will be stronger and truer than ever."

"The former mentality is a bit like discrimination if you ask me," Rina shrugged before turning to smile teasingly at Prisha. "It's the same with human kindness."

"Hmph," Prisha just frowned and looked away.


And so the four kids of the Occult Society had left to the streets of Deciel.

"Well I guess our job is done here," Rina stretched as she walked with her friends. "We can settle down in Deciel for a while though. Any idea what to do?"

"The arcade! Does this place have VR?" Corey suggested.

"No let's go see a movie with Megara Wolf in it," Ian interrupted.

"I know you only want to watch her for one thing you pervert!" Rina gave him an annoyed look.

"Correction, I'm a man!" Ian smirked confidently. "Now let's go!"

"No!" Prisha frowned as usual.

"What? Not the shower again," Ian returned the frown.

"Actually, I was thinking we should conclude our task at hand before this whole case commenced," Prisha took out the math text from what seemed like ages ago before realizing the rest of his team had already made a break for it. Prisha quickly chased after them. "I dare you to keep running!"

But unbeknownst to all four of them, another mysterious yet familiar group is looking down at them from a hotel apartment.

"It turned out that a group called the Disciples of Aevincere had been behind the mysterious disappearances," One of the figures had spoken up. He was rather tall, with long hair down his back. "However, Alex had contacted me saying that it is no longer necessary to investigate. Team Freakshow had already brought them down and solved the case."

"I see they beat us to it," Another figure had spoken. He looked to be in his late teens with dark green hair, not only spiked up, but all pointed up, save for the fringes and a blind fold over his eyes. "Thank you for the report Fuuma."

"I'm still surprised they were able to graduate from the Occult Society Academy only a short while after we did," This time it was a figure of a rather athletic looking brunette girl with her hair tied into a ponytail, she also had quite a serious tone. She watched the recently triumphant Occult Society team chasing each other outside her window.

"I see they have grown much stronger than that even," The blind folded figure has chuckled. "They may also be able to provide us with some fun in the near future..."


Well that's it for the second arc. What I lack so far I'll try to get better at later on but some advice would be nice. The next arc I'm planning to be about ten chapters and I'm trying to improve after each one.