Corey wasn't sure where he was. He found himself sitting beside a crowd of people, mostly older kids, walking and chatting around him. Was he even there? All these people seem to get along so well yet haven't seemed to notice him as usual. The place seemed sort of familiar

What surprised him though, was the acknowledgement of the white haired boy, now standing in front of him. Corey looked up to see the boy smiling and lending out a hand to him. The crowd didn't seem to matter anymore.

"Let's go together!" The boy said as a dark wind had risen around him as his eyes glowed a bloody red. "To where you belong..."

"Reece!" Corey now found himself sitting up from his bed with the boy nowhere to be found. Instead, he found himself in a peculiar looking dormitory that strangely had no windows.

"Oh good morning Corey," Rina was sitting on one of the beds greeting him. "You feeling well?"

"Sure," Corey lied but now he needed to recollect the events that led him here. He looked around thoroughly to see Ian still asleep on one of the beds and checked the time to see it's about six AM. He also heard the sound of rain had returned above the shelter... shelter. Yes, the emergency shelter Team Supreme were keeping them.

"Prisha's looking around the place to find any way we could return to our task at hand," Rina explained. "I don't know though. Our old classmates seem to have barricaded this place pretty well."

"Even if we do get out of here, it might be too late with everyone either killed by aliens or saved by Team Supreme leaving nothing left for us to do right?" Corey asked. "But what other choice do we have?"

"You got a point there," Rina sighed before her eyes switched to anger mode. "But you know what really makes me tick?"

"Isaac, Clara and the others really are getting other soldiers to guard the base after all!" Rina cracked her knuckles. "And they get mad at us for getting divided credit."

"What if it's because they're soldiers from hell so they have no choice but to get them to help because of a deal with the devil," Corey guessed. "Anyway, you want to wake Ian up and go down to eat?"


"Well, they only have cameras for the public rooms," Prisha explained to his friends at a table in the cafe while writing his obtained data on his notepad. There were a lot he needed to remember. "I think they rather not have these survivors getting too paranoid from finding listening devices in their dormitories and making a ruckus."

"Saying yourself that they got cameras on us while discussing strategy," Ian scoffed slowly getting annoyed from the sound that Corey's phone keeps repeating. "Very smart."

"Say if we stayed quiet, would it make us any less suspicious?" Prisha replied. "From our resistance last night, Team Supreme would have no doubt we will search for a means of escape. These are all of course really obvious moves."

"Whatever could you cut that out?" Ian finally snapped at Corey and his phone and why does the sound from it seem so familiar.

"Wait, why did you voice record our fights with those aliens?" Rina asked remembering the sound from yesterday.

"So that's what it was! Nice thinking Rina!" Ian congratulated her.

" I was just thinking, what if I could blackmail those aliens that they were smuggling from their sister's rooms?" Corey suggested.

"Wait! Their language!" Prisha had thought of something. "What are the contexts in which you recorded those?"

Corey had explained about the time they saved the people of Liden and the attack after Prisha sounded the bell. Prisha had to ask, "May I borrow that phone for a moment?"

After Corey had handed the phone over, the group had noticed a female scientist with blonde curly hair had walked over to their table, "Excuse me, so you're also a team from The Occult Society aren't you?"

"Uh..." They looked at her curiously. Then Rina decided to ask, "So you want an autograph or..."

"No it's just that I did hear the argument you had with Team Supreme last night and thought I didn't agree with their ways either," The scientist had said. "If you're planning to escape in order to go back to saving other people from those aliens, I'll also like to help."

"And... you are?.." Corey asked before being clobbered by Ian.

"Quit being so rude! She's a nice beautiful lady I saved from Lolo yesterday," Ian yelled at Corey before turning back to the scientist. "Pardon my comrades manners miss."

"No, what we mean is, who is she for us to recruit her as opposed to any other random simpleton in this shelter?" Prisha glared at Ian.

"Right sorry for not introducing myself properly. I am Serri Joan a Lorieth government expert," Serri introduced herself. "Of course you know that the Lorieth government does provide many resources for the Occult Society as part of their side of the treaty. We also helped design and provided your colleagues with this emergency shelter."

"Wait! You're not saying..." Rina said excitedly. "That you're familiar with the design of this shelter and its weaknesses that we can utilize to escape."

"Nope! That's for the building design department! I have no idea," Serri said as everyone fell from the absurdity. "I'm from the science department so if there's any help you need in that field then I'd be happy to."

"Hey Prish, so how's it going with that phone?" Corey asked.

"I still require more context and dialogue to figure anything out," Prisha sighed and handed the phone back. The group including Serri decided to take a walk around the shelter for a while. The sound of the rain also stopped again. Rina frowned seeing the soldiers around and even guarding near the entrance.

She decided to get her mind off it for a while instead of snapping. So she asked Prisha, "Wait, so you were trying to decipher an alien language because you think we'll have the upper hand by understanding what they say?"

"Correct, maybe if we are able to capture a few of them though," Prisha replied and went back looking over his notes from before. "We can figure out more by watching them speak while inducing different contexts."

"We might have a lab where that could be done," Serri suggested but expressed her doubts. "But trying to decipher an entire alien language? I don't think that's actually possible. I don't even know how you lost enough sanity to think you could work something out with just a few voice records."

"Yeah, you're not the only one who thinks that," Ian agreed with her.

Something Prisha heard around him made him stop for a moment. There he looked around for a bit, held up an index finger to check air resistance and went into a thinking pose. He then tapped the end of this foot on the floor to freeze a part of it and walked a little diagonally forward.

"PRI-CHAN!" A high pitched voice sounded somewhere behind Prisha who just stayed looking indifferent. The footsteps grew more and more loud until the person slipped on the icy floor, did a back flip and crashed down face first. "WHOA! OWWW!"

"You're all set for the circus," Prisha turned around just enough to see who turned out to be Clara on the floor frowning up at him. She was about five foot two and had sort of short but wild blonde hair.

"You did that on purpose!" Clara got up to yell at him. "Oh it doesn't matter you're just so kawaii anyway desu."

"I wanna eat you-" Clara tried to lunge at him but was pulled back by her collar.

"Clara what the hell do you think you're doing?" It was Rina who pulled and threw her back behind her.

"Wow Rina, you're as defensive as ever?" Clara got up. "Hey Pri-chan! Why don't you come over to our side already? I know you'd rather."

"What?" Rina questioned in disbelief while Prisha still yet looked indifferent. "Quit deluding yourself Clara!"

"Oh come one, just look at the morons my poor Pri-chan is surrounded by all day," Clara shrugged. "You got a loudmouth idiot who constantly confuses anime with reality, an annoying brat spewer of the most ridiculous nonsense and a reckless fool who rushes in and ruins any plan you could have."

"Yeah and I suppose having someone like you around would be an improvement," Rina remarked

"So you'd rather an angsty brat with no people skills and ends up getting on everyone's bad side?" Ian said.

"See? There's solid proof right there!" Clara referred to Ian's statement and smiled. "I understand Prish, anyone would be in a bad mood hanging around these guys. Come on, you're not obligated to stay with them, join us."

"What? That won't happen in a million years!" Rina argued. "Right Prish?"

"For something that isn't true, you sure are getting quite worked up over it," Clara smiled confidently.

"No, it's just that..." Rina said. "It's not like I'm not already mad at your whole team for keeping us locked up in here!"

"I mean, you also hired soldiers to fight some of the aliens for you," she went on ranting. "I suppose that's not splitting any credit is it you hypocrite?"

"Stupid Stupid Rina, you have realized we acquired our mission from our client too don't you?" Clara scoffed. "These soldiers also worked for said client, who had insisted on us working together. Too bad for you, your team's not the same case."

"It's still wrong though," Serri had joined the argument. "Even as a mission it should be about helping people, not the profit."

"And... do I remember you from the Occult Society?" Clara turned to see Serri. But they were then interrupted by explosive sounds coming from the entrance and some screaming from what sounded like the soldier's voices.

"Sounds like the aliens have found this place again," Ian leads the way into the entrance hall of the shelter to find the fight between the soldiers and some of the aliens. The soldiers seem to be fighting evenly with the small fries but only until what looked like another elite alien had entered when they were all slaughtered. Many of the rescued citizens watched in panic, seeing what is to come.

This alien seemed to be a little less bulky than the one Prisha fought yesterday. But with much longer claws and teeth and seems much more agile. Clara quickly got out her phone to call her team, "The base is under attack again, hurry back and do what you can to eliminate any alien around it!"

"Everyone make way! Because now the prince is here!" A random girl had shouted for everyone's attention to turn to the opposite of the monster's.

"Commoners be marveled for the one who now enters the scene," a soft captivating voice said further into the shelter as the crowd had made way for an elegant looking boy with long flowing green hair,with two streaks of red fringes on either side and alluring violet eyes. "Anyone dares ask why? Because I am..."

"The Talented! The Amazing! the Beautiful! the Magnificent!" The boy had announced through what appeared to be a montage of him in snowy fields then beach sunsets and even cherry blossoms. "The Dazzling! The Fabulous!"

"The one and only!" A rose had appeared in his hand for him to flick it to the very tip of his arm outstretched to his side. "Eden Seraph!"

"KYAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" A crowd of people with love heart eyes appeared at the sides, mostly girls, to cheer him on as he walked forward. "YOU'RE SUPER CUTE TOO EDEN SAMA! WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

"What's with all those fangirls?" Ian looked over in annoyance.

"Actually, there are fanboys there as well," Prisha added.

"So you must be the fool who dares to challenge me?" Eden smirked condescendingly at the elite alien who instantly threw the first attack. Despite the speed however, it missed due to Eden simply stepping to the side.

"It was rather graceful seeing him fight. Dodging each attack with ease, staying calm and collected, never losing that proud smirk. When he felt ready, he used his PSI to summon rose modified with his ability to be far more deadly than usual and threw it at the alien, "Deadly Thorns!"

The alien elite managed to dodge it but unknowingly landed into a trap as vines sprung out and tangled it. Eden smiled seeing that his plan worked, he had secretly planted that trap in one of the floor cracks he was standing around before and gave it time to grow. He knew the alien would dodge in that direction.

Now he had summoned many more of the roses from before and threw them right at the alien. Most of them even had enough power to pierce through the alien as a whole and destroyed it overall. The fans now cheered even louder, "SO COOL! YOU'RE AMAZING EDEN SAMA!"

"No need to state the obvious," Eden had flicked his beautiful green hair victoriously. "I am Eden after all..."

"Sure we didn't hear him loud enough the first time. It doesn't mean he can't back up some of his boasts however. Eden's power allows him to summon and manipulate plants, the ability can vary along with the wide range of species," Prisha finished his exposition then turned to see Ian already stormed forward. "Hmm?"

"That show off!" Ian cracked his knuckles walking up to Eden. "I bet you were the one who thought of the plan to lock us here isn't it? It's just like a snob like you!"

"I know I shouldn't be talking to someone as low as you, but to answer your question..." Eden said reluctantly. "No, I would have come up with something much more ingenious."

"Well you're still a brat for being in with this plan," Ian looked down angrily on Eden. "It's just as Serri said before, helping people shouldn't be about the profit!"

"You simpleton... don't you see? By this point, you won't actually contribute to how many people will be saved," Eden sneered. "Anyone you can, we would have eventually. The only difference is our pay and we'd rather not cut our reward short."

"How arrogant," Prisha frowned. "By that logic, you must be certain you will save everyone from this point who hasn't yet been killed until now."

"Of course, but I wouldn't say arrogant is the right word. You see Team Supreme or most particularly I..." Eden flicked his hair proudly again. " a perfectionist!"

"You can save everyone we can? Get ready to eat up your words once we break out of here!" Ian boasted.

"Then I'll gladly challenge you, however..." Eden turned to notice Rina and walked toward her. Everyone finally realized she was also staring at him with heart shaped eyes now. Rina just couldn't help but be charmed by Eden who now elegantly neared his hand dangerously close to her face. "But are you truly willing to leave this shelter and be apart from me?"

Rina grew red to the point where a poof of white smoke had escaped her and she fell, "NAWH..."

"Figures..." Prisha and Ian gave her an annoyed look while Eden walked away. Ian turned to yell at him some more, "You're just afraid to compete with us fair and square in this mission!"

"And how is securing you here dishonorable in a game of the mind?" They have found that Isaac had returned along with his team and the vans. "From what I see, keeping you here takes effort and you're all free to escape if you have what it takes. It's merely a technique to let us do our job more effectively."

"We have eliminated every alien that was around the shelter," Fuuma had said. "Eden, have you completed your research on them as you were tasked?"

"Yes I have all the notes right here," Eden pulled a notepad from his blazer pocket. Then he turned to smile at the crowd, "Well I guess I'll be heading off."

"NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE EDEN SAMA!" The fans shouted, who are now joined by Rina along with Serri and Clara. "I'LL COME WITH YOU! MARRY ME OR I'LL DIE!"

"Sorry, but needless to say I'm a very important person and have places to be," Eden said before plucking one of his eyelash and flicked it back. "But I guess my fans do deserve a little something."

"EDEN SAMA's EYELASH!" One of the fangirls managed to snatch it. "I'll cherish it with all my heart and-"

"Oh no you don't!" Clara pulled her by the hair. "EDEN'S MINE!"

"They're fighting over an eyelash?" Ian watched the scene with a freaked look.

"Yeah it looks brutal," Corey seems to be enjoying it.

"Well we can't stay here any longer," Rachel said then instructed Fidi, who is now in his Aries form. "We'll leave you here to guard the base."

"Whatever!" Aries walked back into the shelter bitterly while ranting. "I just did guard this place two days ago. Why don't those morons just trying staying here themselves and see how they feel!"

Then he saw something strange in front of him and grabbed it. He found it to be Eden's eyelash, which didn't bode well as he turned to see the many sinister grins directed at him, "FIIIIIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIII..."



"THE MARKSTER IS DONE WITH WAITING!" Mark complained now that they are in the woods outside the base and the rock above the entrance had closed. They also had their trucks here. "Besides is it okay to wait here so some of those aliens could find us?"

"Don't worry, with my power, I can seen any that made itself near and prepare in advance," Isaac had finished reading through Eden's notes and told him, "You did well to figure out their possible attack pattern. Those creatures may be organized but they aren't free of habits."

"Sure," Eden smirked proudly with folded arms then glanced at Isaac. "Though I was being modest when I told those fools that I could come up with a plan much more ingenious."

"Yes it also feels a little jerkish too," Rachel agreed about the plan to secure Team Freakshow.

"Whether or not you're right, we have already commenced with the plan and we stick to it," Isaac smirked. "Besides, if our former classmates do succeed in escaping is the interesting part, to see how they manage to."

"Jam jam jam jam jam jam jam," Jam suggested.

"Yeah... and that too," Isaac said. But then the entrance to the base had opened once again to reveal that Clara had managed to get out.

"Wait up..." She puffed. She was enough now after not noticing that Eden had finished his research and returned to the shelter before. "I'm done with staying here to guard and you better group me up with Eden Sama!"

"Sorry Clara," Isaac replied. "But we don't want Rachel to be making a fuss."

"Hey! Don't lump me in with those morons just because I'm a girl!" Rachel shot Isaac a glare.

"You'll be grouped with Jam and Mark," Isaac said. "Don't worry, Rachel will be taking your place to guard this base."


Corey, Prisha and Rina are now in one of the spare dormitories that was the best bet of where they won't be heard as they speak of their plan.

"So why are we ditching Ian and Serri again?" Corey asked.

"Isn't it obvious? There's a good chance she could be a spy from our adversaries who are for reason also our colleagues," Prisha answered. "I have thought of means to check if she is, but there doesn't seem to be any way to ascertain that she isn't."

Rina listened to the voice recording of the alien attack just now and sighed, "There's not much point in deciphering their language if we can't even get out of here right?"

"Yeah and if we do exit then which way do we run?" Corey wondered. "We know we're in some woods, but where exactly?"

"If I had to guess," Prisha pulled out a map of the Lorieth region and pointed at it. "It would be the Wellden Woods at coordinates, five hundred and three point four to seven hundred and seventy point three."

"Now that is quite an approximation," Rina remarked with surprise.

"You remember the weather forecast don't you?" Prisha explained. "I recall The Occult Society's one is in even more precise details.

"And that helps us how?" Corey asked trying to figure it out himself.

"Isn't it obvious?" Prisha sighed then was off with the exposition. "What I was doing before was taking notes of how well we can hear the rain at one point of this base to another. In the process, I was able to ascertain the structure of it, how deep it is below the surface and even the layouts of our former classmate's private rooms."

"When did I ask you to complicate things even more?" Rina sarcastically remarked.

"Well, I'm sure it would be raining heavily where the weather forecast said it would be sunny right?" Prisha frowned. "No, we can use it to narrow down our location by checking the current time. By listening to when the rain commenced, when it is strongest and when it dies down, we can be even more precise."

"Sweet," Rina and Corey said simultaneously.

"That is..." Prisha's confidence seemed to had died from recent memories. "If I don't make another careless miscalculation..."

Rina and Corey both had an uncertain look for a moment, but Corey then smiled and took a closer look at the Lorieth map. "Let's see, We still need a way to get out of here quickly."

"Now we should be close enough to Esterdale right?" Corey pointed at the map. "Let's just hope it didn't get attacked by aliens yet."

"Hope?" Prisha asked looking at the map with curiosity then figured. "Wait your plan... we're not actually sure my coordinates are precise!"

"Don't worry, it's the work of the brilliant Prisha Tyran after all," Corey smiled broadly at him. "I have faith it is."

"Make that we!" Rina added.

Prisha's expression froze for a second, then looked away frowning.


"So have you found them yet?" Serri asked Ian as they looked around for their friends.

"Have I succeeded in hunting them down?" Ian answered. "Unfortunately not. I bet this is just another stupid game of their's that Corey had thought up."

"Oh there you are!" Serri had opened up a dormitory door to find Prisha, Corey and Rina there. "You had been assigned your own dormitory haven't you?"

"It turns out this place is actually safer for our discussion," Rina answered.

"Well, it's just that, Ian wouldn't shut up about how you ditched him," Serri said. "How did you expect him to know where you'd be?"

"Oops guess we forgot, sorry," Rina made an empty apology. "But what do you get to say? Weren't you one of those fangirls squealing over Eden sama from before?"

"I don't recall you being able to resist his charm!" Serri argued.

"So Rina! You really are willing to escape this place and not see Eden anymore?" Corey smiled.

"Eeec!" Rina seems to have froze and fell to the side while Ian clobbered Corey over the head.

"Hey aren't you supposed to be on our side?" Ian yelled.

"But if you stay with Eden, Prisha will leave you," Corey went on.

"Knock it off!" Prisha glared while Rina must bear the pain of making her decision.

"If it helps you decide, Prisha is a little too short!" Corey smiled.

"Now how exactly is this helping?" Prisha snapped at Corey.

"Hmm..." Serri thought for a second then suggested, "Who ever said that Eden will stay in Team Supreme?"

"Yeah that's right!" Rina said.

"We'll save so many people that Eden and Fuuma will see just how much cooler it would be to join our team," Rina spreaded her arms gleefully at the thought. "And I will complete my reverse harem collection!"

"At least don't think such vile fantasies aloud," Prisha frowned then decided to refer to the map once again. "Now I guess we can all return to an actually important issue. Knowing that we are at this point in the Wellden woods, once our opportunity to break out arises, our best bet is to head east."

"Whoa, you already figured out the location of this base?" Serri asked.

"Oh we figured out much more than that," Rina smirked. "Let's bust out of here."