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"So I was right," Mera turned to see Rina giving her position away. "The cutie's friends really were hiding somewhere."

Rina just froze at the scene she witnessed. She didn't even know what to think, seeing Mera incinerating Prisha.

"Rina! He didn't give the signal!" Corey was still in the mood to remind Rina.

"How can you joke at a time like this?" Rina yelled at Corey furiously, grabbing him by the collar. "I knew having him go in alone was a bad idea from the beginning and now Prisha is dead because of you! Because we didn't act sooner!"

"Oh don't worry, you'll be with him soon enough," Mera was ready to kill her other two enemies as well before she heard something in the bushes. The next thing she knew, blood had gushed out of the many wounds opening all over her.

"Frozen Sword!" It turns out Prisha had emerged and ran across Mera with a blade made of ice. She fell to the floor in disbelief.

"How?.. The flames had swallowed you past the shield..." Mera tried to speak despite the pain. "You couldn't have dodged it..."

"That is if I was even right behind the shield to begin with," Prisha barely managed to explain. He is still trying to bear the burns from the first attack. "I structured my last Frozen Shield in a way so that it magnifies and refracts light at an angle. The flames barely missed me further in the woods from the right of the shield. By doing so I had you believe you had won and lowered your guard."

"You mentioned this forest giving you the field advantage. Ironically enough, I can only use this strategy in areas such as these where I could camouflage one division with another," Prisha finished his exposition before the pain finally overcame Mera and she was out. Prisha couldn't take much more either and was about to hit the ground before Rina got to him.

"Prisha!" She called to him relieved to see he's still alive.

"Rina you moron..." were the only words Prisha could managed before he's passed out.

"Well I guess he's reached his limit," Rina smiled. "his injuries are no where near as bad as Ian's was, so we'll be okay again in an hour. But we'll have to take care of both him and Ian."

"So until then, you better stay conscious Corey," Rina looked at Corey, but noticed he also collapsed. "Oh em gee!"

"Sorry Rina," Corey got up smiling. "When you say that it gets a little hard to resist."


That morning, Dominic went back to watch from the top of the building to look into the forest according to plan. He watched as part of it burned where Mera had discovered the rats. But now the flames seem to have stopped spreading. Has Mera finished them all already? Or is it the other way around? In case of the latter, Dominic had analyzed the area the fight was in the forest. It doesn't leave many options for them to return to town.

He decided to get back on ground to proceed into the forest. There he can wait to ambush the rats and if Mera survived he can also meet with her on her way back. Sure some disciples may have went loose back at Deciel. But they wouldn't know or have enough evidence to tell anyone about their secret.


Prisha woke up in the woods, seeing Jimmy, Corey and Rina sitting around. hE also found he was healed. But from what? He recollected the events before he passed out and his fight with Mera. Once he was fully aware again, he decided to tell Rina, "You know, if there is ever a day when I don't have to call you an idiot, you get a cookie."

Seeing the others still confuse, Prisha continued, "You had to act without my signal and giving your position away at maximum volume doesn't help you know."

"And making it look like you just died is any better?" Rina yelled back at him.

"Why does it matter?" Prisha turned away.

Corey then decided to add to the discussion, "Well anyway Prish, what would you expect us to do if you really did die and can't give the signal?"

"As if that would happen," Prisha replied.

"You expected Mera to think you're dead," Rina pouted with arms crossed. "Oh and excuse me if I might have been slightly worried."

"This will take a while," Jimmy watched the argument nervously from the outside.

"Oh get real Rina, are you sure you know Prisha as well as you think?" Corey smiled at Rina. "He wouldn't die that easily. Though Mera wouldn't know, she also didn't know we were his lifelines remember?"

"..." Ian had finally woke up with no idea what's going on. He slowly raised himself to a seating position to ask, "What's with all that racket?"

"Oh hey Ian," Corey greeted him back. "Our fight with the Disciples of Aevincere were cut short when zombies invaded and now we're hiding in the planet of the dinosaurs."

"Oh right he's bullshitting again," Ian was left with an annoyed expression.

"Wait, bullshitting?" Rina put up a bewildered expression.

"He's obviously been out for way too long," Prisha added.

"You agree as well Rina?" Ian said shockingly. "Are you trying to tell me all that shit actually happened?"

Corey, Prisha and Rina just continued the joke while Jimmy smiled nervously from the side, "They sure are a strange group."


It took a while, but Dan finally made it back to Deciel. However, questions had been running through his head about how all hell broke loose back at the church. He asked himself, "What in the world is going on?"


The Occult Society kids and Jimmy finally decided to cautiously make their way back to Deciel as they hiked through the forest. Jimmy however found this section of the forest to be strangely familiar. But he hadn't seen it recently so they weren't going around in circles. But reflecting on recent events, something crossed his mind, so he asked Rina, "Excuse me but can I borrow the map of the forest outskirts of Deciel for a while?"

"I don't see why not," Rina unpacked the map and handed it to him. Jimmy looked at it for a while, he could make out the cave and the areas, Prisha had set the decoy campfires. Also where they were resting last night and work out where the fight between Prisha and Mera happened. He also knew where Dominic would be watching and knows what that means.

Preparing in advance, Jimmy had picked up a pebble and looked around the forest waiting for them to cross a certain point. The point was a large tree he can see up ahead and now Jimmy only had to throw a pebble up above one of the branches. In addition to some of the rustling of the leaves, there was some inconsistent movement beside it, which alarmed the kids of team Freakshow.

"Give it up High Disciple!" Prisha called at the location of the abnormal movement. "There was a sound inconsistent with only the force of the pebble but if you kept moving, we could have mistaken you for some animal. But moving only enough to avoid the pebble means you're someone determined to stay and keep an eye on us."

"I'm impressed you were able to find me and that you could defeat Mera without a single casualty," Dominic's voice sounded from the tree before he revealed himslef by jumping down to meet them face to face. He is also wielding his steel spear. "But aren't you a little overconfident to give your enemy a tip?"

"Wow how did Jimmy know the chalk eater would be hiding in that tree?" Corey asked in amazement.

"You dare to still call me that?" Dominic yelled furiously.

"As a child, I often played in these parts of the forest and that tree gives the best field of vision while keeping you hidden behind the leaves," Jimmy explained. "I figured the enemy would have seen the fire from the fight with Mera to give away our location and from the map, we'll most likely be crossing this point if we travel from said location. So I thought of if the enemy also figured that out."

"Nice one Jimmy," Rina complimented him. "And to think it was only last night when you asked if you'll get used to all this."

"Well I did have the help of knowing this part of the forest," Jimmy said modestly.

"Well it was clever," Rina smiled. "You're not Prisha yet but clever regardless."

"Shouldn't you be more worried about your own life right now?" Dominic was insulted they weren't giving him as much attention as they should.

"Oh get real it's five on one," Ian scoffed. "You're the one who should be worried."

"Careful Ian," Rina whispered cautiously. "We can only see Dominic for now but Darren could still be hiding somewhere around or even Kageta if he survived downstairs."

"Darren? That idiot I killed for failing me?" Dominic laughed. "No, I could take you all on if it was ten on one!"

"He could be talking about when my tracker quit working but we can't be sure," Rina told her team.

"I'll be taking this chalk eater," Corey stepped up to face Dominic.

"I only just said I could take you ten on one," Dominic intimidated. "What makes you so confident you can fight me alone?"

"Yeah he's got a point Corey," Rina called out.

"You each had your own share of the fights in this mission right?" Corey smiled. "Well it's time for me to have some of the fun."

"So you equate fun with a futile fight leading to an agonizing death huh?" Dominic sneered.

"Close enough," Corey smirked back and provided enough distraction time for his other team members to get up on a tree and Rina fire an arrow to another tree further down. The tree had a rope attached behind it for Ian to swing across like it was a flying fox.

"Dammit!" Dominic looked up to see Jimmy and Prisha already crossed as well. "You think I will let you all pass that easily?"

Dominic jumped up to attack Rina. But she cut the rope behind her to quickly swing across. This was also enough of a distraction for Corey to get around Dominic as well. After Rina disengaged he bow and arrow, "Dominic turned to say, "I guess what Mera said was true."

"But if you kids really are psychics,why help those normal humans?" Dominic smirked. "They'll inevitably judge you."

"That might have had some effect if you weren't the third person to tell us that," Rina said mockingly.

"Your disciple friends could provide you the answer after Corey is done with you," Prisha remarked as the four of the went off into the woods. But before they get to Deciel they needed to secretly look around and make sure neither Darren or Kageta are hiding anywhere.

Corey got into a fighting stance ready to face Dominic, "So you ready chalk eater?"

"Even in the face of death you can joke?" Dominic smirked then charged to strike Corey. "But yes I'm ready to kill you!"

Corey was able to dodge the first few attacks, every move was vital. Even without the spear, Dominic was much larger and stronger than Corey was. But the real trouble comes when Dominic went for a stab as even when Corey dodged to a side, Dominic had swung his spear in that direction to force his pole to hit Corey's stomach, pushing him back ten feet. The pain had convinced him that a rib must have fractured from the attack.

"So you're better at fighting close range huh," Corey felt out his PSI and strengthened the sensation. He'll need a lot of power for this next attack. Having it prepared, he threw his fist forward, "Hyaaahh!"

The kinetic energy blasted out of Corey's fist, but Dominic was quick enough to dodge it. But all was not well as Dominic found that after Corey opened his fist into a palm and waved it, the blast had curved around the woods back at him. This time there was no time to dodge before it crashed into him. Corey finished the attack by yelling, "Snake Blast!"

"Uwaarrrgghhh!" Dominic fell from the attack. He was able to continue fighting though, as he slowly rises to his feet saying, "I see, stage two of the telekinesis line. Rather than a simple Force blast, you can manipulate it, which in this case caused it to snake around and be directed back at me."

"However, it was nowhere near enough to kill me and that fact will seal your fate," Dominic said before he placed his hand over the side of him that had been injured by the blast. A bright light radiated from it before it became completely healed. "You see I got a trick of my own."

"I see that last attack drained a large portion of your energy," Dominic sneered before charging up again. He was tough enough without his power, now Corey has to find another way to beat Dominic. "You will find me to have a much larger PSI stamina!"

"I could regenerate from your attacks over a dozen times assuming you're even able to hit me that much!" Dominic kept attacking but as Corey dodged and the spear crashed into a giant oak tree behind it, he thought it was quite sturdy, with almost six feet in width. Soon an attack finally made a cut on Corey's arm as he stepped back.

On his knees Corey thought desperately on how he could defeat Dominic, he himself can't even survive much longer in the fight as Dominic will continue to cut him up with the spear.

"Not only don't I age but I'll instantly recover from any attack! Don't you see?" Dominic boasted. "I am immortal!"