Time Could Kill You

I sat staring at the whiteboard in History class, I didn't care much for the subject. I mean, when will we ever use this stuff?

Besides, the teacher had a habit of picking on the kids that weren't good at what he called, key points in life. For example, socializing, which I was terrible at.

"Hanalei," the teacher, Mr. Louis, called out. I looked up.

"You pay so little attention in this class you need to learn some social skills."

I mentally groaned.

"Natalie," Mr. Louis said. "Will you sit with her during lunch today?"

Natalie had just moved here form some town really far away and was a pretty outgoing person. She had orangey red shoulder length hair and emerald green eyes.

Natalie nodded then the bell rang signaling time for lunch. I tried to leave the classroom before she caught up to me but I just had to drop my journal.

I bent down to pick it up but Natalie was standing next to me.

"Here, you dropped your book," she said handing it to me.

I nodded and put it in my bag.

I pushed my glasses up and walked to lunch with Natalie right next to me.

We sat down at an empty table in the corner of the cafeteria.

"What do you like to do?" Natalie asked.

I didn't say anything. Mr. Louis said we had to sit together not that we had to have a conversation.

"Hanalei, we need to have some sort of conversation," she said pronouncing my name with the 'H.'

"The 'H' is silent," I told her then correctly pronounced my name

"That's unique," Natalie said. I shrugged and ignored her comment. I picked up my book and started to read.

I was reading a book about a young girl, Talia Beth, who had been through so much in a small society that was very corrupt because of scientific discovery.

I felt very sad for the girl.

"What're you reading?" Natalie asked. I showed her the cover and she gasped.

"That book still gives me nightmares," she said.

I looked at her raising my eyebrow in question.

"It's a book," I told her.

"I liked it," Natalie said.

I nodded.

"Who's your favorite character?" she asked. I just went back to reading and waited for the bell, Unluckily, my next class I had with Natalie too.

A/N: I started this story two years ago. Please tell me what you honestly think. Constructive Criticism is welcome.