I looked at Natalie with her face buried in her hands as she sighed dejectedly.

"Natalie," Mariah started. "What's wrong?"

Natalie looked up and gave an almost emotionless look.

"Nothing," she said with a tone that implied exactly the opposite. "I just reminded my best friend of something he couldn't control!"

She finished yelling then dashed out the front door and down the street in the direction Jackson had run off.

"We have to follow her!" Mariah cried and we both walked, well Mariah ran as fast as humanly possible, out the door. The speed Mariah was going at caused me to be at least seven steps behind her for every step she took.

"Natalie!" Mariah kept yelling for the next two block until we saw Natalie and Jackson both sitting on the curb.

"Jackson," Natalie said. "I didn't mean it like that."

"Then how did you mean it?" he snapped. "That our lives are horrible and it's my fault? That it's my fault you never get to see your cousins?"

"Jackson, it's not your fault!" Natalie begged. "I didn't mean to hurt you!"

Jackson shrugged as if he wasn't upset anymore but Mariah and I had heard enough accusations for her to get suspicious.

"Jackson, or whatever your real name is," Mariah growled.

"That is my real name," he interjected. Mariah ignored him and continued.

"Explain to me right now what Natalie meant by 'it's not your fault.' What did you do?"

"Err….." Jackson looked sheepish.

"Answer me," Mariah growled.

Jackson muttered something I couldn't make out and he looked uncomfortable and guilty.

"What?" Mariah asked.

"I invented time travel," Jackson said just a little louder.

"What!" Mariah snapped and my mouth dropped open.

"It was an accident," Natalie said looking at how Mariah's sapphire eyes filled with a gleam of anger and outrage.

"How do you accidentally invent something that is so prestigious?" Mariah asked.

"By incorrectly wiring a broken microwave," Jackson said in a joking ton.

"Are you kidding?" Mariah asked.

"Yes and no," Natalie and Jackson both said.

"Wait what?" Mariah asked. The three were so engrossed in their conversation I was practically a shadow. I turned to walk home.

"Hanalei," Mariah called and I turned back around. "Who do you believe?"

I shook my head and shrugged.

"Jackson really did invent it with a microwave mishap so he wasn't kidding but it's kind of funny he invented something without meaning to," Natalie explained.

"If you invented it why not go back to the time you did and never invent it?" Mariah asked

"Then I couldn't get back to the present time."

"Why not destroy it?" I asked quietly.

"Genius!" Natalie yelled.

I looked at her strangely.

"Well it is," Jackson said. "I'm the only one who knows how to deactivate the time machine and a lot of other gadgets."

"What all did you invent?" Mariah asked.

"Most of the gadgets we use," Natalie told her for him.

"Sorry," Jackson said. "It's still my fault, I know."

"Jackson, it is not your fault now stop blaming yourself and let's teach them how to use some of the equipment."

"How is that solving anything?" Jackson asked.

"More people on our side and I guarantee you if you talked to Crystal she'll help us."

"Who's Crystal?" Mariah asked and Jackson gave her a look of pure disbelief.

"Talia, I know you are just now talking but how doesn't she know who that is?" Jackson asked.

"Let me know when she decides to come find me," Natalie said.

"Talia Beth," Jackson said. "Maybe she was busy?"

"Was she?" Natalie demanded.

"Err… no…. but she did want to know where you were."

"Tell me the truth," Natlaie demanded.

"Okay, she's not even home right now."

"Where is she?"

"The….. ummm… how do I say this?"

"Jackson, what?"

"She's in the Revolutionary War time period trying to fix something that was meant for someone else to do."

"Who was supposed to do it and where are they?"

"You know them they just learned of us recently and they're in this area."


"Hanalei Kylie-Jane Anderson."

I looked at him.

"Why?" Natalie asked. Jackson didn't answer which sent Natalie into a rant.

"There's something wrong with the system! Hanalei isn't even supposed to know about the S.A.T.T why would she be sent back in time at all much less fix anything! She wouldn't be able to properly socialize with any of the historical figures! How could this happen? Please tell me you can fix this! I can't believe this could happen, it's all wrong wrong wrong."

"Talia!" Jackson interrupted.


"Calm down," he told her. "We're going to destroy it anyway."

"What if you can't?" Mariah asked.

"Then Hanalei will be sent back in time and have to find her own way out."

"How exactly does that work?"

"When the right time for you to be there is here you go poof and the time in the S.A.T.T. freezes for five minutes then it resumes perfectly normal. Though I don't how it works in the N.A.S.P.S."

"The what now?" Mariah asked.

"Non Advanced Scientifically People Society," Jackson explained.

Mariah nodded. The blue sky became a light shade of orange-ish pink and I waved shyly and started to walk home.

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