"I hate to be rude," Mariah said. "But, who is this Hayley person you both looked ready to just break down and cry and Natalie, that's not like you."

"I don't want to talk about it, Mariah," Natalie said brushing her read hair out of her green eyes. Jackson's blue eyes showed sadness and regret as his dark hair fell in his face. It looked as if he was using his hair as a dark shield to cover up his true emotions.

"Talia, I know you want to give up," Jackson said. "But what did you say to me when I wanted to give up?"

Talia let herself fall into a heap on the floor and the wors rolled off her tounge beautifully.

"You can't because even though you made a mistake, I don't know what I'd do without you."

"That's cute and all but, we have a problem and you guys are sitting in your flashbacks," Mariah said. "Now, can we plan or what?"

"Talia, are you really going to give up that easily?" Jackson asked.

"No way!" Talia said. "We made a promise and we're keeping it. On three…. One! Two! Three!."

Then she and Jackson both shouted, "Hero Kids."

"It's not the same," Talia said. "But I did miss that."

"I know, Talia. I know," Jackson said.

"Now, who's ready to make protest signs?" Mariah asked.

"Can I take a nap first?" Talia asked. "I need to think a bit."

"Okay, let's just meet here tomorrow and work on it," Mariah asked.

The three of us nodded then I walked out. For once I sort of had friends and they were part of a crazy time travel scheme. I waved, anyway and headed back to my house only partially ready for the next day.

A/N: Now, any idea who Hayley might be now that you have a bit more clues?

Here's a Recaap of the clues about her identity:

She knows Talia and Jackson somehow-

Talia mentioned Jackson making a mistake-

Talia said its not the same to shout "Hero Kids." Anymore.-

Any idea? Also, who do you think the red-haired girl is?