Everyone has a fire within them; they come in many sizes, big and small, strong and weak, and with a wide variety of colors, that encompasses your soul.

So many colors of your soul burns bright, but one stands out from the rest and contains all of the personality and memories that build you.

Can you make your flame burn bright? Or do you hide it, afraid of what others might think?

The color of my soul changes as I grow up like everyone else. The flame can grow weak, but it will always grow strong with the light from the broken down walls.

A flame will never die within a person unless they have given up all hope and gave their real selves away. That doesn't mean you can't spark the dead flame back up.

For me I feel my flame shine blue with a strange aurora of scarlet and orange with flickers of black at the bottom. Its strength and size are ambiguous to me, it never seems stable yet the flame is unwavering altogether.

Will you tell me about your flame?

Do you understand your inner flame?

AN: Well, this is my first story for fictionpress, hope enjoyed it .