The whole school laughed at the joke, and everyone believed it was the truth as well. It wasn't fair but someone needs to be the weird person no one likes. Everything from being too fat, too short, having a big nose, to my perfume isn't the right brand. It wasn't a good school year, and I still live in the same area as these creeps, I found a note outside my door one day; it said "Shane, can I see your penis?" I'm a girl, my nameisShane, and that was another cruel joke they came up with, making fun of my name. I learned to keep my head down and not talk to anyone. I felt as if every move I made was scrutinized, everything I did was a new punch line. I am ugly, stupid, and I should just die.

When I get home, I can't help but feel happy, I am a happy person when people accept me. I have one friend, Libby. She is an amazing friend. Cool, and fun to go do stuff with. I felt alone when we were separated, I sat with her at lunch, and all the girls sat two seats away from us; giving us the stink eye, staring us down like we were just stupid for living. Again I left the school feeling like I was going to have a terrible summer, and the next school year was probably going to be worse.

I went to my mother's house for the summer, I used to live there and go to school there. I knew people my age, and it felt good to be accepted. My best friend, almost a sister, lived there, and a few guy friends that I had crushes on from the previous year. I saw a guy I had a particular crush on, watch me do things, and he gave me a hug-something he had never done before. I left and went back to my dad's house for the next school year. This year will be one of the best of my life.

Chapter 1

Getting up for school is a tedious job, but I endure. I dress in the freshman uniform, a pristine, white Polo shirt, and khaki pants, modernized to look like tan jeans. My dark red hair crimped to look voluminous, but not like I'm bringing the 60's back. My eye liner not too thick, just enough to make my gray eyes look lighter; I stuffed the last of my school supplies into my backpack. I walked with my little brother, to the bus stop, almost missing the bus. Thankfully, the bus driver saw my white shirt, and realized I was a freshman, she sighed as I climbed the steep stairs onto the bus. I sat down in a seat near the back, as she sped down the road. My brother had a friend he had from the previous school year, so he sat with him. I didn't talk to anyone. And no one sat next to me, though they all looked. Again the feeling of exile befell me.

I found my way to my first class that day, and just as I had expected, the whole school was African American, not that I was racist, I just had no experience with people like them; they think different from me. I walked to the back of the line that had formed outside the door. A tall man stood looking down the hall, I tried to keep distance. I don't want to encroach. He turned to me and I flinched. "Hey," he greeted me. "What are your classes?" he demanded snatching my schedule from my hands. "Wow, look we have most of the same classes!" he exclaimed, I got a feeling he and I would be fast friends.

The teacher came down the hallway, and let us into the room, it was exactly the same way I remembered it from the open house the night before. However, I had never met the teacher. He greeted us all with a handshake at the door. I quickly declined, and walked to a seat in the back of the room; I prefer to be invisible. He had us move to the front of the room and sit one behind the other. I felt like the cream in an Oreo. Then made us all stand one at a time, state our full name, our favorite color, and pass time. He started with the person right in front of me. I sighed.

"Hey, my name is Emily Parker, my favorite color is red."

"Obviously," I muttered to myself, besides her mandatory uniform, every variable accessory was the color red. She turned back to give me a friendly glare, " And I like to draw..." she sat back down and the teacher motioned for me to stand up. "Hi. Um, my name is Skylar Greay. Uh, my favorite color is blue" I said scanning the room, one other white boy was there, but he looked even shyer then me. "And, I like to sing..." I said quietly. The boy I met in the hall frayed his brow. "Speak up!"

"I like to sing." I said much more confident than I felt. The room made many mumbles, and the teacher hushed them. I sat down in a hurry. The girl dressed in red looked back. "Sing something!" she ordered. Shocked and mad at myself for letting them in on that secret. I declined. The teacher seeing how frightened the crowed made me. He moved to the girl behind me, who had trouble climbing out of her chair. The class went by slowly, and the last person sat down as the bell rang. I picked up my backpack. The whole day went by rather slowly.

Getting on the bus I saw all of the seats in the back were taken by freshmen trying to be invisible, Seniors sat in the front, I sat down in the middle, almost all of the seats there were empty. I sat down two seats behind my brother, Jake. And on the opposite side of the bus, Jake was getting compliments on his shoes. And they began talking about the military. I was only barely paying attention. Then I heard my name. I peeked up. Both boys he was talking to looked at me.

"She doesn't look that mean at all." the long haired one said. I blushed.

"I dunno," the curly haired boy spoke; he was very handsome, with the most elusive eyes, the color of the sky. "Hmm, she looks pretty vicious to me..." He said with a luring smile I grimaced and slouched further down in my bench.

The next day I got on the bus, I was on time this time. I turned my music on barely listening to the music, but really watching to see what bus stops the two boys got on. Only a few after me. The curly haired boy walked to the back of the bus where I was sitting, my face visible over the seats.

He sat down in the seat across the aisle from me. I only looked up from my music once to say hey, then looked down at a song I was working on memorizing for the schools choir auditions. I knew the lyrics but wanted to know the rhythm another kid came and sat down next to him. He got up and let him sit next to the window. They talked for a minute and I tried to concentrate on my song, mumbling it to myself.

"Hey," I heard over the music being quietly formatted into my brain. I unplugged one ear bud.


"What's your name?" the kid that just got on asked.

"Skylar..." I answered. The curly haired boy smacked the boy sitting next to him; the kid didn't look very right in the head. His red shirt indicated he was a senior... riding the bus. But the curly haired boy had a gray shirt on he was only a sophomore he was probably 15 hmm just like me I couldn't help but smile.

"What's your name?" the unfortunate looking boy smiled a toothy grin that almost made me cringe

"Taylor" he said. I looked at tall dark and handsome,

Surprised he mumbled out his name I didn't catch it.


"Will?" he said louder I smiled. Will, hmm I like it!

"OK..." I nodded my awkward not so cool and confident self said jumping in front of the mirror.

I looked back down remembering that stupid song, as the bus driver tried to slam me onto the floor, going over a curb. I blushed after I realized I squealed. And Taylor laughed at my rosy cheeks. I narrowed my eyes and looked back to my song; I left my ear bud out. I overheard them talking about music.

"Have you heard the newMy Chemical Romancesong?" Taylor said loudly.

I turned to them. "You listen toMy Chemical Romance?"

"Yeah they're pretty awesome. You know 'um?" Will asked.

"Yeah, I um like their older stuff,Sing, Teenagers, I'm Not OK..." He laughed

"What's funny?" I giggled.

"Hmm? Oh nothing." he grinned. I closed my eyes and shook my head as the bus driver pulled into the school parking lot.