Chapter 2

"Hahaha," Libby laughed loudly at a text message my best guy friend sent her. I felt terrible my only guy friend is flirting with my best girl- friend. I sighed. She looked at me and gave a sarcastic frown I tightened my eyes and pulled my text less phone up so I could text someone. Anyone!

I looked through my contacts and texted all of the boys on my contacts.

I received only one text back from one person. Kyle.

"Hey," he said.

"Whats up?" I texted, feeling quite awkward. I had only texted him once before.

We texted slowly, small talk, mostly about the school year since we barely knew each other.

"Sooo, You know I had a huge crush on you," He messaged.

"You did?" I texted awestruck.

"Yeah I thought you were so beautiful," He said, and I blushed. "I was so weird!" I countered.

He didn't text back and I fell asleep. I left the next morning after breakfast. Once at home, I got on my Facebook, something I hadn't done in a while. I had a friend request from Kyle. I smiled a little bit; I still don't even know him, but the gesture was cute.

I accepted and logged off.

The next day at school, I went in as usual and had a boring day of school. Being a stupid freshman, I had no idea where my bus had gone. I wandered around outside, until I found Amy, Libby's older sister.

"Where's our bus?" she asked just as confused as me.

"Damn it I have no idea, I was hoping you knew." I said, exasperated. A girl I didn't know the name of walked up, a freshman like me.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"No idea." Amy and I said at the same time. I laughed. Hailey, A popular girl from the bus walked over.
"Hey!" she said cheerfully.

"Where's the bus?" Amy said confused.

"We have a substitute today, we're just gonna wait here until the chick shows up."

"Oh." the three of us said as realization crossed our face.

Talk about how school was, how our school sucks and general girl talk started to float about. I stood joining in on the conversation, I didn't have much to say.

Tyler came over. I felt sorta popular. I decided to gush about my audition for choir I had done earlier that day. Tyler started talking to me.

"Wow, you sing?"

"Yeah." I said quietly.

"Are you good?"

"uh, I guess" I said confused, no one had ever asked me if I was a good singer. I guess I'd never really told anyone. "The teacher likes me at least?" I guessed.

"I'm in a band." He stated I was really surprised. "You should check us out sometime."

"Wow, Uh sure, I'll do that." I said with a smile.

"MICHAEL!" Hailey wailed. I jumped.

The boy who had told me his name was Will looked over.
"I thought he said his name was Will?" I asked Hailey.

"Oh, he prefers Will. I don't know why but, hey, whatever."

"Oh." he bounded over his curly hair moving with each stride.

"What? And don't use my real name...?" Michael, Will, whatever his name is, said. He looked at me with an almost explaining face I looked at the ground and then at Casey, the girl I hadn't known the name of.

We talked about random things I really just listened in on the conversations occasionally someone would try to talk to me, I would give little answers and the conversation would end. The bus finally showed up. And even though I had been pretty quiet the group sat around me. I smiled to myself. I felt more alive, joining in on the conversations this time, laughing, smiling, and feeling good. It was a perfect day; for the first time in months I felt accepted outside of my house.

Later after I got home I finished my chores and home work. And buzzed over to Libby's, we went to the park and I gushed about Tyler and Michael/Will. Both were cute and I thought both kinda thought I was pretty, or cute, or something and they liked me being around!

"Will came over today, while we were standing outside and Hailey, a friend, told me his name was Michael! I was like what?" Libby laughed

"I don't know, this all seems heavy to me, girl. I wouldn't mess with these boys..." She said with a shrug. I narrowed my eyes. I really don't want to give up my new found popularity.

"That's not fair!" I said

"I don't know I think you have the wrong kind of popularity."

"Whatever!" I said jokingly, I went a different topic.

She began to talk about some boy in her class I had known him the year before. And the things she said came to a surprise to me; the quiet and shy Jacob I had known was now a popular, nerdy, fun guy I had no idea who this new boy was but she was in love with the second boy she had chased for months at a time. I listened it was funny to see how she prattled on about this new boy.

I found myself day dreaming of an Edward and Bella love story, the 'Jacob' occurred to me. I thought of Kyle. I felt bad for him. I thought about going to Palisade again. Showing up at school, the faces who will stare at me. The ones who will run up and give me a squealing hug. Who will be excited to see me, the ones I'll be excited to see. Many faces come to mind.

"Hey, I'm gonna go home. It's getting late and I'm sorta bushed..." Libby announced.

"Aight, see ya" I almost whispered.

"love you, girl!" She yelled running away.

"love you." I said quietly.

Kyle's face flashed through my mind again.