Your head is pounding painfully, and your vision blurs terribly when you try to open your eyes. You groan, and distant shouting immediately fills your ears, making your head pound painfully. You try to tell them to shut up, but your words come out an incomprehensible garble. Another voice shouts above the rest, and the others quiet down.

You attempt to open your eyes again, and this time they'll stay open, though everything was still pretty blurred. You can make out Veronica pressing a wet cloth onto your forehead.

"Are you alright?" She asks quietly, and mumbled nonsense comes out in reply. She smiles gently, and your vision fails, and you black out again.

When you next awake, you vision is back to normal, and your headache has lessened considerably. You struggle to get up, and large, familiar hands help you to sit, propping a soft pillow against your back. Before you, Greys is smiling, the familiar laugh lines wrinkling his face.

"Hey, kid. You okay?" He asks with a grin. He knows you're fine-you can tell by the way he's looking at you-so you don't answer, worried it will come out as nonsense again.

Falcon, Veronica, and Holly enter your sight as well, all three faces lit up with a grin. With some effot, you manage to rasp a quiet greeting, which is returned joyfully. That's when you realize Falcon is missing his left eye. You stare at it, almost rudely, and when he notices the look on your face, he laughs.

"Holly stabbed me." He explains, the grin never leaving his face. You feel slightly angry, but calm more than anything else. It must have been the relief. You ask why Holly stabbed Falcon.

"Well, back when I was a... an undead, I kinda tried to kill the poor girl. If anything, it was self-defense." He gave you an almost sheepish look, and you would have rolled your eyes had the action not hurt.

The next couple of days were calm and peaceful. You recovered, and apparently, so did the rest of the population. The president, you learned, died along with 1/4 of the US population, and communications with the rest of the world were unknown, though were assumed to be in the same situation.

No one knew how or if to mourn over the dead zombies, so the the bodies were put away. Their DNA was matched with their missing loved ones, and if members of the same family were dead, they were put away together. If none of them matched, then they were reported missing if not found within a few months, as said by the new laws.

You quickly find out that your family is gone, as is Holly's and Falcon's. Months pass, and with the fighting over, the 3 of you aren't really sure what to do. You and Falcon are almost 17 now, Holly 14. That's when a surprise was sprung on everyone.

Veronica and Greys had announced their marriage. Apparently, while you were still unconscious, Greys had secretly proposed to Veronica, but both had decided to wait to marry until things were somewhat settled.

But that wasn't the only surprise. At the wedding, which took place 2-3 days later, the newlyweds gave an announcement that shocked you, Falcon, and Holly a great deal. They had some discussions, and had decided to adopt the three of you as their children.

After moving into a rather large house and getting settled, (Greys is a retired military general, and Veronica is one of only 20 doctors in the entire world left, so they have quite a bit of money) you all spend the next few months helping the remainder of humanity to rebuild civilization. Of course, that means you'll more than likely have to go back to school.