I can't think straight.

What should I write?

Should my readers feel love,

or have nightmares of fright?

Should I make them happy?

Should I make them sad?

I have no idea.

They all sound bad!

What should it be about?

A time or a place?

Should I write about the earth,

or outer space?

Ideas pop up,

but none of them are good.

Should I write about Peter Pan,

or Red Riding Hood?

I've written books before.

I've never been stuck.

I don't know what to write.

I'm out of luck.

What's the tone? What's the setting?

Should it have a plot?

If I don't think of something quick,

my brain's going to rot!

One good idea,

that's all I need.

Should I write about a dog,

or a man filled with greed?

This is so hard.

I don't know what to do!

Can I write about a frog?

An old lady in a shoe?

My mind is stumped.

I'm about to cry!

If I can't think of anything,

I'm sure to die!

I need an idea.

Help me out!

If I don't think of one,

I'll scream and shout!

I can't think straight.

What should I write?

My brain's in a fog.

I don't know what to write!

A.N. I wrote this for my English class. We had to come up with a poem about something, and since I'm almost always writing something or another, I figured that I should make the poem about something I know about. Writers' block is something I know all too well.

Sorry if it sucks. I'm a writer-not a poet! I'm not good enough to be a poet!

Hate nicely please!