I never looked for trouble, rather the opposite. But, what can you do when life sends you a curve ball that you cannot hit? The only thing possible – live with the consequences it brings. You cannot do anything about it other than that. I realize this may sound harsh and quite draconian of me, but should you stay by my side long enough, you will understand the analogy and even the parts that do not make any sense.

There is also one thing I wish to say now, in case I forget later: life sucks. Those two words would be unwisely forgotten.

~Anna Nightling

Do not ever feel the need to look back at your past, in search of good feelings. Rather, make new feelings and new memories, that way you will not bring up the bad times. It is something you learn along the way of life, something that might help to stave the depression that life will indubitably bring. But, do not worry, you will get through it, even if you must go down bumpy roads and climb to mountainous peaks. Just, never give up, because what happens on the other side may be worse than what happens here. You will just never know, so do not take such an unnecessary chance like that, one that is completely not undoable – permanent.

~Rose-Aislinn Nightwing