I realized that there were a lot of empty gaps and questions that needed answering, particularly about Parker & Rose-Aislinn's relationship as well as Anora's boyfriend issues. So I'll try the best I can to fix them here.

A month later, Rose-Aislinn sat on the counter of Ruins in the Twilight, admiring what Parker had done to the wall. She knew he was a master of the arts, but this was spectacular: a mural of ruins with a girl staring at the sky through a crumbling windowsill. The stars spelled out LOVE YOU ALWAYS in beautiful twinkling light. In the girl's hand was a leaflet much like the one in his apartment, but it was blank from the angle held.

Parker came back and handed her the leaflet she so desperately wanted to look at. Marry me?

She jumped into his arms. "Yes, of course I will." Then she kissed him.

This part about Anora happens way before the story starts.

"Look Nick, I said it's over. What part of that don't you get?" Anora said, slightly angered.

That was when Paul, her other semi-ex-boyfriend, came up. "Hey, sweetie," he said. It was then that Anora backed away, feeling the testosterone levels rise.

When it was over, Nick and Paul walked up to her. "This will be a battle to the end, for the hand of the fair maiden Anora!" Anora just walked away. Why did they not just leave her alone like she wanted. Stupid powers, stupid book fantasies. Stupid, stupid me.