I believe taking a life is right. If there's a good reason. There hasn't been a moment in my life where I second guessed that until he was next on my list.

In my business names are temporary but the one I like the most has always been the first, Alice Eva Rose. But as of now I was Stephanie Libra a 15 year old slut for hire. I walked into the club flashing the bouncer my fake ID. I walk to the bar ordering a beer. The twenty some hunk of a bartender pops the top and hands it to me his finger lingering on mine longer then necessary. I reached for the money in my bra but he stopped me,

"On the house for the pretty lady." I lean on the counter getting closer, flashing him the full view of my breasts. His eyes widen as he stares at them. I smile suggestively,

"Thanks" I purr then turn on my heel my ultra mini skirt fluttering as I strutted onto the dance floor spotting my target, when I was given this job the name wasn't in the details and I didn't ask. I saunter up to him,

"Hey pretty boy. Wanna try your luck?" I say swaying my hips he eyes me from my high heels, my black ultra miniskirt, to my skintight red tube top that cuts off at my rib cage I guess I passed his inspection because he let me lead him onto the floor. I wrapped my arm around his neck with my back to him, dropping down low then back up his hands running down the front of my shirt as I started to grind him. After five minutes of dirty dancing he whispered into my ear,

"How about we go somewhere more," he squeezes my ass, "private." I let him take me into a back ally through the back door. He presses me against the cool brick wall shoving his hands up my skirt squeezing my ass, I moan taking the knife from my bra without him noticing since he's slipping off my skirt and undoing his pants. He starts to hump me, and then when he shoves his dick into me I moan and bring him in for a kiss but I slit his throat, silencing his scream. I dislodge his cock from me and roll the dumpster over his after slipping my skirt back on. I enter through the back door then exit through the front. I stop in a small diner a block away to use the bathroom. Once I lock the door I take off my long blond wig and dark brown contacts, my clothes. Changing into jeans, a black t-shirt, converses, and a short fire red wig, not bothering to cover up my cool grey eyes. I throw my disguise hiding my knife in my shoe. I step back out onto the street and hear police sirens wailing as two squad cars fly by me heading in the direction of the club; I hull a cab and direct him to take me to the airport. Once we arrive I pay the man then walk straight to the Starbucks inside. And ask the cashier for three chocolate mint cookies and a large black coffee. I flash her, the bracelet on my wrist a green metal band that shows her I'm part of the Jasmines. She hands me the cookie bag and my coffee I pay her the money and take a seat in the back corner. I open the bag pulling out a disposable cell phone and hit speed dial one knowing the drill. After one ring a deep voice answers,

"Wink, has the target been terminated?"


"Your flight is tomorrow at six am. And your hotel reservation for the hotel next door are under Madeleine Davis." the voice says then the line clicks off. I take a big gulp of the coffee scolding my tongue before walking to the hotel.

After getting my keys I went to my room, took a long hot shower. Then slide under the cover pulling them up to my chin falling into a dreamless sleep.

My alarm goes off at five in the morning waking me up. I stride into the bathroom, put on my wig and some light makeups, then dress in jeans, a blue tank top, and a grey hoodie, then pull on a pair of black boots. I checked the time, 5:28 it reads so I leave for my plane. Handing my ticket to the attendant I boarded the plane, taking a seat in first class. The comfy leather seat molding to my thin physic, pulling on my head phones I lose myself in the sounds of Evanescence. Tapping my foot to the beat with my eyes closed. Still aware of everything around me I noticed someone sitting next to me, I open my eyes to find a boy my age studying me. I took in his deep blue eyes, messy dark brown hair, and his tan complexion. My cheeks flush as he noticed my staring,

"hey" he says his voice deep,

"hey" I say giving him a mini wave, my cheeks blushing even more.

he smiles a perfect toothy smile making my stomach do a little flip thing. Stop! I scold myself, do you want a repeat of what happened with Noah?- I had gone on vacation to Venice, Italy with my boyfriend at the time, a civilian named Noah. Well some big guys with bigger guns weren't to happy that I had taken down their boss and tracked me down. They kidnapped Noah and I, we escaped but Noah was shot in the head as we were running, dead before he hit the ground. I kept on running my heart breaking as I promised myself I would never fall in love again, especially a civilian.

But even as I scolded myself the butterflies refused to stop fluttering.

"I'm Alice" I say holding out my hand,

"Caleb" he says shaking it, his hands soft against my calloused ones. He seems to notice, he holds my hand up running his thumb over my calluses causing my arms to break out in goose bumps. He blushes shifting in his seat.

"It's fine" I say smiling then slipping on my headphones losing myself in the music my eyes closed. After I fell asleep with Caleb playing with my fingers. Even though I had just met him I trusted him not to hurt me, and I NEVER have trusted anyone in my life. In my nightmare I relived the night Noah died from when he told me he loved me at lunch to the feel of his blood on my skin. I woke with a start when the gun went off hopping out of my seat. I calmed down and sat back down in my seat looking over to see a worried look on Caleb's face,

"You okay?" he asks worry evident in his voice,

"Yea, just a nightmare."

"I'll protect you." He says wrapping his arm around my waist and I nuzzle my head into his neck falling into a dreamless sleep.

"We will be arriving in Sanibel, Florida in ten minutes. Please buckle your seatbelts and close your tables." The Captions voice said coming over the PA waking me up. I gently shook Caleb's shoulder waking him up,

"We're landing in ten" he nods then blushes when he notices his arm around my waist. He pulls it away and I do something I shouldn't have I asked for his number. He smiles pilling a pen out from his jacket writing it on his drink napkin from earlier.