The dog pound:
Along the cages she did walk, a happy and lucky girl. She was to pick out a faithful dog to forever be part of her world. But out of all attention to the whining barks and rages, she found herself face to face with pups in two old cages. The first that came to her attention, was brisk, noble, and clean. A little thing, her fur so pure white, her black nose seemed to gleam. The girl put her hand into the young dogs cage, but to her surprise, she jumped to enrage. Her eyes were dark, just like her nose, but her eyes they seemed to glow, with a rage that was simply, to the girl, unknown.
The second cage held another pup, this one a sight to behold, a scraggly thing, his eyes held an age far past his five months old. She came to him hesitantly, fearing he was like the other, but to her surprise, the happy look in his eyes made him feel like a brother. His nose was black, with hints of pink, nothing of pedigree. Even though he wasn't , it seemed he should be. His breed was rough, a rocky path his parents must've lead. But even he knew that the owner was the trouble, not the way their dog was bred. He placed his speckled paw upon her little knee, and right there she knew, that it was meant to be. " Mommy, I wan't that one"

( This is for my puppy from the pound, may he rest in peace. And blame the deed, not the breed.)