What are we

But the words we speak

The actions we make

The people we smile with

And the things we create?


We know what we are not

By the words we've yet to utter

The feelings we've yet to express

Those we've yet to look at a second time

And the thoughts we've yet to let live.


Still then my question is

What are we?

Science suggests one thing

If it is proven, it must be

But we cannot be proven


What are we?


My answer is this:

We are nothing

But a great jumble

Of hopes and dreams

That will turn into memories


The words we speak fade into the wind

The actions we do slow in age

The people we love might go away some day

And the things we create break and decay


What then are we left with

Without spoken words

Performed actions

Smiling people

Or creations


There are a lot of answers

But the simplest is the best