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Castro walked into my back, releasing her breath in a huff. "Why'd we stop, Carter?"

"This is it," I said, throwing a nervous grin at her before walking into the room. The minute I walked in, I got a bad vibe that this class would most certainly not be my favorite. In fact, Carol Carson was a short, older woman with small, hawk like eyes behind her glasses. She shrewdly glared at us, as if judging us by our appearances. I offered a weak smile as she glared at my sweatshirt where the name Carter was. Great, now she probably thought I was some slut wearing my boyfriend's jacket. Hopefully, she would quickly realize that was not the case.

"Front of the room," she said harshly, jerking her head towards the front where a few of the other students were waiting. I walked over, glancing at her over my shoulder, before turning my attention back to the other students. Two of my friends, Jincy and Noah, stood there and it was a relief to see other students from my grade rather than students from other grades (like in Art).

"Davenport! JinJin!" I called as I gave them each a hug, Jincy (JinJin) more awkward than Noah. One may wonder why I called Noah 'Davenport' but really, Davenport is Noah's middle name (his last name being Roff) and we sometimes call him that as a joke. Noah does, in fact, do an excellent British accent and his mother is even from England, having moved to the states in her late teens.

"Hey Carter," Noah and Jincy replied with a roll of their eyes. The four of us talked a bit about our summers, waiting for the bell to ring. I spoke all about the trips to the beaches (while visiting Montauk with Tim on the island) in which I had fun surfing. Jincy spoke about her trip to Texas with her family, Kaitlin spoke about her trip to Puerto Rico to see her Aunt and Grandmother, and Noah spoke about his trip to England to visit his grandparents.

"It was excellent! Really, you should see the London Eye…" Noah said, trailing off as the bell rang. Our attention flitted to Mrs. Carson, who was standing by the door glaring at all of us. She then proceeded to pull out her roster and seat us alphabetically. I was lucky that Kaitlin and I were next to each other (Castro and Carter) while Jincy and Noah were also next to each other (Roff and Thomas). We all waited silently as Mrs. Carson finished seating us and took attendance before she finally looked up to glare at all of this.

"Now, as this is an honors English class, I expect all of you to be mature and act likes an honors English class," she said as she pulled out a stack of worksheets. "Now, we shall go over what I expect from an honors English class," she added as she handed out class requirements and guidelines. I rolled my eyes slightly and zoned out while she went over the guidelines. They were nearly the same as all other classes except that she kept specifying we were an, 'honors' English class and how we should act 'mature'. I'll be honest, I'm not one to disrespect teachers- in fact, I wouldn't even dream of it! I don't even normally talk bad about my teachers, even if I dislike them! This one however, was a real pain in my ass. I honestly don't know what she expects from us! It's like she thinks we'll act like a pack of animals while she wants a group of proper scholars. As I said, I don't like to disrespect teachers but she seriously needs to get this large stick out of her ass.

"And you will not speak unless you raise your hand or are spoken to, is that clear?" Mrs. Carson asked, her voice floating right through one ear and out the other. I think we were all on autopilot when the class replied in unison, "Yes Mrs. Carson". Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if one of these times, "Yes Mrs. Bitch" came out of my mouth instead of "Yes Mrs. Carson".

"Good, now that that is taken care of, we shall move onto our first item of business, being Shakespeare. Now, Can anyone tell me who Shakespeare is?" She asks. I glance around the class and notice that nobody is raising their hands, most likely due to the fact that they just don't want to answer, not that they can't.

"No one? How about you, Mr. Richards," Mrs. Carson asked, calling on Nick Richards to answer. I could tell that Nick had been surprised and hadn't been paying attention or had even heard the question.

"Uh… an author?" he asked and I couldn't help but shake my head slightly. Poor kid. It was the first day of school and he was already being drilled.

"Tut, tut… it seems as if this will be another year of fucking brainless, useless lumps that I must teach," she said. I winced slightly, knowing that was harsh. I could see that Nick was a little upset by this as was a few of the other students. "You are an honors English class. How is it that not one of you have even heard of- Yes, Miss Carter? Is there a reason for interrupting?" Mrs. Carson asked. At this point I had had enough and had stood up in my seat to gain Mrs. Carson's attention as she had been ignoring my hand.

"With all due respect ma'am, Shakespeare was a playwright, not an 'author'. I don't believe it is fair to judge the entirety of the class on one student's mistake-"

"Mistake? That was no mistake, Miss Carter, that was pure ignorance," Mrs. Carson rudely interrupted, glaring at me. I met her glare dead on.

"As I was saying, ma'am, it is not right to judge the class upon that one person. Besides, even if it is ignorance and not a mistake, is this not school?"


"Then why call out a student's mistake, as if he isn't embarrassed enough? We are here to learn, not to be criticized, so why don't you correct him instead of make fun of and disrespect the class," I replied, glaring at her. I could see out of the corner of my eye Noah and Jincy making frantic movements, trying to tell me to sit down while I still won't get in trouble, while the rest of the class looked on in awe.

"Such blatant disrespect- in all my years-"

"Ma'am, a proper and successful student/teacher relationship can only occur when student and teacher are respectful towards each other, not simply the student. All I ask is that instead of disrespecting the class, you show us the same respect we show towards you," I replied, interrupting. If I do admit, I was shocked with myself, standing up to a teacher such as this, but I wasn't sure if I could have just sat there and watched this happen to Nick.

"I- never- principal's office!" Mrs. Carson exclaimed, her face turning red in fury. I could hear several scoffs and noises of dissent.

"The office! For what? All she did was politely and respectfully ask for you to stop making fun of Nick!" Another student, Tyler Evans, exclaimed as he too stood.

"Both of you-"

"And now you're sending Tyler for defending Tiffany, who was defending me?" Nick asked as he too stood up.

"The three-"

"I think that if you are sending them, you'll be sending us too," Noah said as he, Jincy, and Kaitlin stood up as well.


And us," Tyler and Nick's friends, Ryan, Jake, Zach, and Louis, added as they too stood up.

"All of you- to the principal's office!" Mrs. Carson exclaimed and I rolled my eyes, grabbing my bag.

"Come on guys… there's no use," I added as I walked towards the door, pleased to see that everyone standing, and a few others, were following me out the door. Mrs. Carson followed us out into the hall, asking a teacher on hall duty to watch the class, before escorting us to the main office. All the way, I couldn't help but think that it was such a perfect way to start off the first day back to school. Surely my mother would be pissed when she first hears about this but I'm sure she'd be proud of me after she hears what really happened.

We finally made it to the main office and Mrs. Carson went over to the secretary, exchanging a few words before the secretary walked off down the hall which I could only assume led to the principal's office. I sat down with a sigh, resting my chin in my hand, and glared at Mrs. Carson's back. I swear, if I had any other teacher…

"That was some show in there, Carter," Ryan commented as he too sat down next to me.

"It was only right… besides, I knew that if I were Nick, I'd hate that… I just can't stand her," I told Ryan. Ryan wasn't exactly a friend but he was an acquaintance of mine- someone I had met through classes. The same went for Nick, Zach, Jake, Tyler, and Louis.

"Still, it's nice to know that there are still people out there willing to stick their neck out for others. Thanks for before," Nick said as he walked up, rubbing the back of his head as he looked down at the floor.

"It's no problem, Nick. I could tell you were just caught off guard," I replied with a sigh as Noah, Kaitlin, and Jincy joined us.

"Just know that we've got your back in there, as will probably the rest of the class," Ryan said as the secretary walked back out into the office, followed by Mr. Fields, the principal. The principal looked slightly shocked at the group of us before motioning us in. We all trudged forwards and I noticed that Mrs. Carson started for the door when…

"Mrs. Carson, may I speak to you as well?" Mr. Fields asked. I exchanged grins with the rest of the group as we, including Mrs. Carson, followed Mr. Fields into what seemed to be an interrogation room, each of us sitting around the large circular table.

"Is it my understanding, Mrs. Carson that these students are here due to them showing you disrespect in the classroom?" Mr. Fields asked, an eyebrow rising in confusion.

"Yes sir," she replied with a bit of a nasty grin at me in particular.

"And that it started with Miss Carter here?"

"Yes sir," she replied again and I felt my jaw drop.

"What? She was just defending Nick!" Jake exclaimed but stopped when Mr. Fields held up a hand.

"Is this true, Miss Carter?" Mr. Fields asked, turning towards me.

"I was only showing her the same amount of respect she was showing us, sir," I replied, adding 'if not more' in my head. This seemed to catch Mr. Fields off guard as both eyebrows rose at my statement.

"Miss Carter, could you please recount the events?" he asked me. I quickly recapped what happened, causing him to frown as he looked over at Mrs. Carson.

"Is this true, Mrs. Carson?" he asked in surprise.

"Absolutely not, sir! I would never! Not in all my years of teaching!" She replied. Mr. Fields looked over to me in doubt, as if not believing my story.

"Ma'am, if the issue has never been raised to him, it is possibly because no one was brave enough to stand up to you like Tiffany was," Tyler said hotly but Mr. Fields held up a hand, his frown deepening.

"Well, seeing as I have no proof of such events-"

"Oh yes you do!" Kaitlin exclaimed suddenly, pulling out her phone while blushing. "I will admit that I am slightly ashamed to have used this to capture the events but nevertheless," Kaitlin said as she pressed a few buttons before handing the phone over to Mr. Fields. I heard the end part of Mrs. Carson's rant, including the part about the class including the insults and cursing. The bell rang, signaling the end of second, while the video was playing. The duration of the video lasted through passing and I sighed, gazing towards the ceiling. First day of school and I was already late if not possibly missing my third period class. The video finally ended and I could see that Mr. Fields' eyebrows had disappeared into his hairline as he handed Kaitlin her phone back.

"I think that sufficient evidence has been brought forth. You ladies and men may return to class- the secretaries will write you passes," Mr. Fields said as he turned towards Mrs. Carson. We all sprang up from our chairs, eager to be out of there.

"Hey, Kaitlin… mind if you send me that video?" Nick asked once we were in the main office, as the secretaries were writing out the passes.

"Yeah and me!" Tyler cried with noises of agreement from the rest of the group.

"Me as well," I told Kaitlin.

"No problem," she replied, quickly typing in everyone's numbers and sending the video. I smiled slightly when my phone vibrated as I accepted the pass from the secretary. I glanced down at my schedule quickly and saw that I had to go to AP Environmental Science, a double period class.

"Hey, does anyone else have APES?" I asked as I glanced around at the group. Jincy and Ryan both said yes while the rest started complaining about being late for other classes. "In that case, let's go," I said to them as we started to walk through the halls. We made it back to the double staircase and quickly made it to room 273, the APES classroom. I knocked quickly on the door and it was opened a few seconds later by another older woman who, thankfully, looked much kinder than Carson did.

"Ah, you three must be Ryan Michaels, Jincy Thomas, and Tiffany Carter, am I correct?" she asked as we handed her our passes and walked into the room. I could see my best friend, Ashly, sitting in a corner, alone at a lab table.

"Yes ma'am," I replied as we stopped in front of her desk. I heard applause and, looking around, saw that the students clapping were from my English class. I smiled at them and said, "We got off but Mrs. Carson's still there." This caused them to start clapping even more as we accepted our course guidelines and supplies sheets from Mrs. Jennings (as we later learnt) and sat down at the table Ashly sat at.

"What happened? All I heard was that you were dragged off to the Principal's office," Ashly whispered as Mrs. Jennings continued talking. I glanced over my shoulder, noticing that she wasn't looking at us and nudged Ryan with my foot.

"Show her the video," I hissed. I watched as Ryan glanced down at his phone before passing it to Ashly. I then continued to listen to Mrs. Jennings as she continued going over the course requirement sheet before I felt someone kick my leg. I twisted back around to face Ashly who was holding out a sheet of paper to me. I flipped it over and read:

Wow, way to go! I'm supposed to have her ninth but way to stand up to her!

I smiled at that and quickly wrote back:

Thanks! She was just so rude! I had to do something!

I passed it to her before returning my attention to Mrs. Jennings.

The rest of the period passed quickly since we only went over the guidelines and supplies sheet. Mrs. Jennings was by far much nicer than Mrs. Carson and she had a great sense of humor as well as a lot of experience. Hell, Mrs. Jennings had been to the rain forest on three separate occasions! The bell rang, signaling the end of third, and she told us we may take a break to walk around. Our group of four (including Ryan) stood up and meandered around the classroom, talking with a few others. The talk of the class was mainly of our stand against Mrs. Carson. In fact, during the last period, it had seemed that Kaitlin, Tyler, Noah, Nick, and Jake had all sent the video to as many people as they knew. I groaned slightly at that, knowing that practically the whole school would know by lunch time that I stood up to probably one of the meanest teachers at Rookwood High. Some first day, right?

Fourth period passed just as quickly and, seeing as many didn't have their supplies yet, was filled with fun trivia from Living Environment. In fact, we played a jeopardy game. Each lab table was a separate team. Besides Andreas, our lab table had four of the most intelligent students in the class: Jincy, Ashly, Ryan, and me. Seeing as four of the most intelligent students were seated at one lab table, we easily won, blowing all the other groups out of the water… so to speak. However, it was all good fun and, by the time the bell rang, we were all in good spirits laughing about the friendly competition.

"Where are you guys headed?" I asked Ashly and Jincy sadly. I knew they both took Spanish and I sadly had to go to French next period.

"Spanish and I suppose you have French?" Ashly asked sadly and I nodded.

"Great! I'll walk with you! I have French next period as well! It's with Schneider, right?" Ryan asked as he joined us.

"That would be nice! You guys have World History after, right?" I asked the three of them, each of which nodded. "Well, I guess we have to go… I'll see you guys later!" I called to them as Ryan and I took off to the left, headed towards the math hallway. We stopped at my locker briefly and I took out my French binder, putting my English and APES binders in.

"Excited for French?" Ryan asked as we turned right, headed in the opposite direction of the math office.

"Ecstatic," I replied sarcastically as we headed down the staircase that would bring us out right in front of the French classroom.

"It'll be fine," he said and we walked into the classroom. I saw Noah was in the class with me, as well as a few other girls I knew, and I immediately felt better.

"You're right… this won't be so bad after all," I said, smiling at Ryan. I had a feeling that French wouldn't be so bad, just like I had the feeling that art would be great and English terrible… just like I had a feeling that Ryan would be a great ally in the future and a good friend.

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