The Last Lysinian

Chapter Four: The Blue-Eyed Stranger

French had passed by quickly- more quickly than any of the other classes. All we had done was gone over the guidelines and supplies sheets. Before I knew it we were off to World History, stopping off at my locker beforehand. There we met up with Jovi, FoFo, Castro, Jincy, and Asly. We were all allowed to sit wherever we wanted and we would sign our names on a seating chart. That seat would then be our assigned seat for the rest of the year. We quickly claimed the back right corner of the room and had Jovi in the back seat in the corner, then Castro to her left, and FoFo to Castro's left. We then had Ryan sit in front of FoFo, me in front of Castro, and Noah in front of Jovi. Finally, Ashly sat in front of me, Jincy to her left, and Nick (who later joined us) sat to Ashly's right.

"Welcome to Pre AP History!" The teacher, Mr. Peacock, shouted as he walked into the room. I winced slightly at the thought of his name… Peacock… that must suck as a last name, especially for a guy. "Right, well, I will take attendance and then we will figure out the seating chart."

Ten minutes later, everyone had filled in their name on the seating chart, attendance had been taken, and we were almost done with the short supplies list. After all, we had an AP class orientation over the summer in which we had already gone over the guidelines.

"Now, I think it would be great if we got to know each other. Let's go around the room. We'll each say our names, our preferred name to be called, and one or two things about you. I'll start- My name is Lawrence Peacock. I know that, normally, teachers are referred to by their last name but I preferred to be called Mr. Lawrence as most, if not all, the teachers here at Rookwood High know. I am thirty three, married, and I have a daughter and a son- twins- both of which are three," he said quickly. We then continued to snake along the rows and I zoned out, having already known these students for years now, until it reached Jincy.

"M-My name's Jincy Thomas. I prefer to just be called Jincy or Jinx. Uh… I play the violin and… uh… love to read," she said quickly, obviously nervous. Ashly gave her a quick pat on the back and then it was Ryan's turn.

"My name's Ryan Michaels. I prefer to just be called Ryan, not Rye-Rye," he said, glaring over at Nick who smirked and looked away. "I play football, hockey, and baseball, I love to write, and I love rock music." I smiled over at him. I couldn't believe I hadn't really talked to him before. He seemed like such a nice guy and, best of all, he liked baseball and rock music!

"My name's Forrytza Jean, though all my friends call me FoFo. I love to draw and I love History, Science, and Art," FoFo said quickly and stoically. I smiled slightly at that. Good old, quiet FoFo. Next it was Castro's turn, who seemed very nervous.

"I'm Kaitlin Castro, though my friends just call me Castro! I love going to Puerto Rico to visit my family and I love science!" Kaitlin exclaimed and I smiled over my shoulder at her. Great… it was my turn.

"I'm Tiffany Carter. Either Tiff or Carter is fine, though my friends just call me Carter. My favorite sports are Softball and Basketball, I love to write, and I love listening to Rock, Metal, and Alternative. Don't ask my favorite band because I'll only end up rattling off a long list to you," I said as I sat down laughing, noticing Noah's, Ashly's, Jincy's, and Kailtin's winces. I had done that to them before. Mr. Lawrence seemed to find that funny and laughed before it continued on to Ashly.

"My name's Ashly Alkula, though I prefer Ashly Flora. Ashly is just fine. I love to sing and write poetry." I smiled at Ashly, knowing that she was probably going to say something like that. Mr. Lawrence continued up the line, each student taking a turn and it snaked back around at the front to start on the final row. I zoned out, only starting to pay attention when Nick was called.

"My name's Nicholas Richards, though I just go by Nick. I love to play football, hockey, and baseball. Ryan is my best friend and I love rock music Just as much as the next guy," he said before glancing over at me and adding, "or girl." I laughed, along with a few others in the class and the rest of my group before Mr. Lawrence called on Noah.

"My name's Noah Roff. I prefer just to be called Noah or, as my friends call me," he said, glaring over at Jincy, Ashly, Kaitln, and I before continuing, "Davenport. I play the viola and tennis. I also love to play first person shooter games," he finished with a smile.

"In other words, Black Ops or Assassin Creed," I commented, causing the others to laugh.

"Alright, alright… last one!" Mr. Lawrence called, pointing to Jovi. It was good too, seeing as we only had around a minute left.

"My name is Jovencia Alexis, though I prefer to be called Jovi," Jovi said brightly before continuing, "I hate cursing, so never let me hear you say it, and I love art!"

"Well, I think that was wonderful and… rather enlightening. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and I will see you all tomorrow," Mr. Lawrence said just as the bell rang.

"Finally! Lunch time!" Noah exclaimed as he ran out of the classroom door.

"Yeah, you and your eating disorder… we can never get you to stop eating," I told him as we walked through the halls, making our way back towards our lockers by the math office.

"I'm a teen boy, I need food!" Noah whined, causing me to roll my eyes at him.

"Yeah, yeah… anyways, who has lunch this period?" I asked, turning to look at the group. Ashly, Jincy, Noah, Forrytza, and Ryan all nodded excitedly while Nick, Jovencia, and Kaitlin all sighed dejectedly.

"Science," Kaitlin said in explanation before the three of them ran off in the direction of the science wings. We turned away and turned into the math hallway, splitting up to stop at our lockers. Ryan, having already gone to his, followed me to mine.

"Well, at least the six of us will be together," I said as I popped open my locker, throwing my AP World binder in and removing my geometry binder. Thankfully it was first day of classes and I wouldn't need to change for gym.

"Yeah," Ryan said, looking a little put out without Nick, but happy nonetheless.

"Don't worry, it'll be great," I said as the others joined us. With that, I turned around and headed towards the staircase only to bump into a teacher walking out of the math office. He was tall, young, good looking, and had beautiful blue eyes. His hair was a chestnut brown, streaked with a few natural blonde highlights.

"Sorry," we said at the same time before we both stepped in the same direction. I smiled nervously and he gave a polite nod in return before we both stepped in the same direction… yet again. He frowned slightly and we both took a step yet again in the same direction. "I'll just, um, go this way," I said quickly, dodging around him before taking off down the hall with my friends following behind me. I could hear their laughing as I walked quickly down the hall, my cheeks searing as the heat pools up in my face. We walked down the stairs, headed towards the cafeteria and I could still hear them laughing.

"It wasn't that funny!" I yell at them over my shoulder, glaring slightly. This just fuels their laughter as we walk through the hallway, getting closer to the cafeteria. "Oh shut up," I mutter as they continue, the laughter starting to die down just a tad. We turned down the hallway, headed towards the side entrance of the cafeteria, not wanting to get into any trouble seeing as how late we were. We didn't think we'd get into trouble, seeing as its just lunch, but still, you could never be too careful.

We reached the end of the hallway and turned left just in time for chestnut/blonde blue eyed man to walk down the staircase opposite the entrance to the cafeteria. I couldn't suppress the groan that came out when he noticed us and smirked, waving slightly. I heard the laughter behind me pick up again and I spun around to see Ashly and Jincy doubled over with laughter. Noah on the other hand, had his head tilted back and was openly laughing.

"I'm warning you- shut up," I hissed as I glanced over my shoulder to see the teacher watching in amusement before walking into the cafeteria. I turned back to Noah and, seeing as he was still laughing, punched him lightly in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain.

"Tiffany," he groaned slightly before standing up straight and glaring. I simply smiled before walking over to the cafeteria door. The others were laughing at Noah now as we walked into the cafeteria only to stop in our tracks. The only empty table left was the one closest to us… the one that was right next to a monitor… who happened to be blue eyes. "Karma is a bitch," Noah replied as he walked past me to sit down at the table, his back to blue eyes… or at least that's what I'm going to keep calling him for now. Either that or Streak because of his blonde streaks…

Anyways, Ashly and Jincy also walk past me, sitting opposite Noah. Forrytza soon joined them, leaving Ryan and I to sit in the two empty seats next to Noah. Ryan sat down to Noah's left, leaving me to sit on the end… with blue eyed streak sitting right behind me, just about five or six feet away. I glared around the table at them as they all laughed at my obvious discomfort. I rolled my eyes before looking around the lunchroom, taking it all in. I had been here a few times before for town events but I wasn't exactly sure what they would have for lunch.

"Pizza, sandwiches, the hot lunch line, salads, chicken, and then the snack line," a voice from behind me answered. I jumped slightly and turned to see blue eyed streak sitting in the desk, just smirking at our table. It seemed as if he didn't have anything to do and was rather bored.

"Er… thanks," I replied before turning back around to look at the individual lines he had pointed out. Ashly just looked at me with a confused look on her face. "How did he know what I was thinking?" I mouthed to her. I heard a low laugh and glanced over my shoulder to see that he was laughing. I looked back to meet her wide, nervous eyes. She blinked quickly before looking away to frown at the table. "L-Let's just go get lunch, alright?" I asked her before glancing over my shoulder to see the desk empty. Where had he gone? I shook my head before jumping up with the rest of my friends and crossing the cafeteria to the hot lunch and salad line. I grabbed a quick chicken salad. I was still nervous and not very hungry today but since I had gym next I figured that I might as well eat something, just in case we actually did something today (though I doubted that).

We returned to the table, our trays filled with our selected choices, and I noticed that blue eyed streak was back at the desk. It appeared as if he had gone to get his lunch which consisted of salad with a reddish Italian dressing, fries with ketchup, and a deep red bottle of fruit punch. Shaking my head slightly, I sit down next to Ryan and slowly start to eat my salad, listening to Ashly talk about her summer. She had been away most of the summer, visiting relatives in Florida, and her parents had decided that they wouldn't move to Nevada this summer.

"…but they did say that we might move next summer," Ashly said quietly and everyone at the table suddenly became solemn and quiet.

"Don't worry, Ashly. I'm sure that we could think of something," Noah suggested, trying to keep the conversation bright.

"I don't think so… I mean, dad has family there and he's really keen on moving there. It'll be better for his job and we all know that my mom will follow him almost anywhere…" Ashly said, trailing off.

"Unless you're not there," I finished for her and she nodded, giving a sad smile.

"But I couldn't do that to her," She added and we all bowed our head slightly. Ryan sat stiffly and I could tell he felt a little awkward, as did Noah appear to be.

"I'm just going to… um… bathroom," Ryan said as he stood, walking out the door.

"Uh… same… something I ate," Noah added as he too rushed out the door, hoping to get away from what I assumed he was sure would turn into a tear fest. I looked back over to Ashly, smiling sadly.

"Noah's right… we'll think of something," Jincy said quickly and I nodded in agreement.

"Yeah… my mom loves you! She'd let you stay with us," I said quickly and Ashly nodded before smiling brightly.

"But none of this will even happen until next summer. Let's just enjoy the present and not think about the future," she said quickly and I nodded, smiling at her too. Ashly always had that personality that would make you feel happy, sad, or angry with her. It was a unique gift about her. She was a psychic, or at least that's what I dubbed her.

It had been a few years ago that she had told me about some of her strange abilities. She was supersensitive to ghosts, similarly to me. We could both sense their presence and on rare occasions, see or hear them. Again, those were rare occasions. Still, while I had an ability to sense emotions, she had an ability to influence them. It was rather handy over the years. There had been many times when I had been close to starting a fist fight with another girl but she was able to calm me right down, using the unique little ability of hers.

Noah and Ryan returned then, obviously glad that we hadn't broken out into tears. We finished eating our lunch, each sharing a few stories from over the summer. Most of the period had passed without incident until I heard a cough behind me and felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around to see my… well, I don't exactly know what to call her, but Sam.

Sam had moved here in seventh grade and we had gotten along well enough. My friend Jenn hadn't liked her much, which probably had been the cause for me being a little biased in the fights she and Sam would get into. As we got further into eighth grade year, more and more of my friends started to dislike her. Now, over the summer, I really wasn't sure anymore. Noah, Tim, Jenn, Brittany, and quite a few of my other friends didn't like her at all, Ashly included. Jincy, as always, seemed to be neutral and I wasn't exactly sure where I stood. She was aggressive and seemed to try to be intimidating, or at least that's what I thought, which sometimes angered me. There had been times where I just itched to get in a fight with her. That urge was coming back now when I saw the glare on her face. It was then that I grimaced, remembering why that glare was there in the first place.

This summer had gone down hill. She had text me a few times and I was still unsure whether I was her friend or not. One day, we decided to go to the nearby park together to work on softball. It had gone down hill when we started arguing over a bad throw. She had accidentally thrown badly. I was a bit angry, which caused me to throw it really hard, just above her head. It had been an accident since I hadn't meant to overthrow it. I had meant to throw a hard, line drive. She figured I had done it on purpose and yelled at me. Soon, we were in a yelling match and before I could stop myself, the words 'you're too clingy' came out of my mouth. I watched her mouth drop before she closed it, glaring at me. She then proceeded to throw the ball at my throwing arm, catching me in the shoulder.

That had not gone over well and after more cursing, a few punches, and more nasty exchanges; we left to go our separate ways. It still seemed as if she was angry for the words I'd said that day and I couldn't blame her. I wasn't exactly too proud of some of the more hurtful things I'd said. I'd also mentioned something about her having no friends, which was a lie, but it seemed to affect her for some reason and I didn't know why. Either way, I still felt bad about that day but I wasn't going to apologize until she apologized for my shoulder.

When she had thrown the ball at my shoulder, she had dislocated it! I couldn't figure out at first why my right arm wasn't feeling cold anymore in the slightly breezy wind that summer's day. It was later, on my walk home, when I couldn't move my right arm at all; that I realized something was wrong. I had run home, panicked, and my mom had taken me to the doctor where he popped my shoulder back in. I neglected to tell them about the fight with Sam, opting to instead say that I fell out of a tree I had been climbing.

"Carter," Sam said nastily, glaring at me. I shook my head as her voice pulled me from my reverie before glaring slightly at her.

"Yeah, Bryant?" I asked, using her last name. She glared at me and I knew why. She hated her last name, something that I would now use against her.

"I heard that you and Jenn had a bit of a row over the summer? Girlfriend troubles?" she asked as she smiled slightly. I shook my head, glaring at her. Jenn and I had also stopped being friends over the summer. I had found out from my friend Tim that she had been posting stuff on facebook about me, something that quickly got her into a lot of trouble when her parents found out. Regardless, we were no longer friends and I was certain that our next meeting would be a hostile one.

"I really don't see why it's got to be this way, Sam," I responded, drawing on Ashly's calming presence, something that I was sure I'd have to do a lot more this year during lunch.

"You know why, Carter. You're such a self-centered, egotistical little bitch. Jenn was right, you are such a whore that-"

"Is there a problem here?" A voice cut in, stopping Sam in her tracks. I looked up to see blue eyed streak standing there, frowning at Sam. She looked over her shoulder too and took a few steps away from me. When had she gotten that close? Why hadn't I been aware? Why was her fist raised- had she been about to punch me? I thought as I watched her back away. She indeed had her fist raised and now that I was paying attention, it did look as if she had been about to punch me.

"Not at all," Sam replied coldly, glaring at me. He turned to look at me, his eyebrow raised.

"No problem at all sir… nothing we can't solve politely and maturely," I replied, glancing quickly to meet his eyes before continuing the stare down with Sam. She glared, baring her teeth slightly at me before glaring once more at blue eyed streak. She huffed angrily before turning on her heel sharply and walking away. I watched her walk back across the cafeteria to the table she was sitting at before turning back to see blue eyed streak sitting down at the desk again, a book in hand. The title, Dracula, jumped out at me and I couldn't help but wonder if he was an English teacher. Sighing, I turned around to face the rest of the occupants at the table. Ashly gave me a smile and a nod, glad to know that I had handled the situation so calmly rather than like the hothead I usually am.

"That was… odd," Forrytza said quietly before turning back to her cookies to eat.

"Yeah… strange," I replied as the bell rang. I stood in a daze, saying, "I'm headed to gym, see you later." I walked away, my eyes glued to Sam as she walked out of the cafeteria. People near her seemed to unconsciously skirt away, something I found to be odd. "Strange indeed," I muttered to myself as I turned to walk out the doors across from the gym. There was something going on; something that was happening at the high school that hadn't been at the middle school. It was something I was determined to find out.

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