The four girls sat in the dark living room, moonlight coming in through the barely opened curtains. They were sprawled out on the couches watching the TV, a scary movie playing. The movie playing was Halloween. They watched in horror as the killer stalked closer to the young woman, knife poised for the strike. He came closer and closer when something thudded against the backdoor. The girls screamed, jumping from the couch and clutching to each other. They glanced at each other- fear causing them to tremble uncontrollably.

"What was that?" The first girl, Ashly, asked. Just as the killer in the movie brought his knife down into the woman's back, something crashed against the backdoor again, causing all four of them to check.

"I don't know," the second girl, Nicole, replied. "But, I'm going to go and check." Her friends paled and grabbed her arms as she took a tentative step towards the back door.

"No! Don't do it! Don't you even watch scary movies? There's going to be a killer out there waiting to attack you!"Her hysteric friend Kaitlin exclaimed, causing her to grimace at the idea.

"You've been watching one too many scary movies, Kaitlin. Relax- it's probably just a bird or something," she said as she yanked her arm from Kaitlin's grip and took another step to the door. She hoped that it was only a bird- she'd hate to imagine the pain involved if Kaitlin was right.

"A bird? At this time of night? You can't be serious!" Kaitlin exclaimed, jumping in front of her.

"I am Kaitlin! Are you trying to tell me that a serial killer is outside the door as we speak, waiting and listening to our conversation and waiting for the opening scene cue?" She asked, yelling back at Kaitlin. She couldn't believe her friend! She's just been watching too many scary movies. Nothing is out there. It's just a bird, she thought to herself, trying to calm down to no avail. What if something is out there- she shook her head, shooting down the irrational part of her brain and tried to convince herself, again, that it was just a bird. She glared at Kaitlin and tried to push past towards the back door.

"Hold up- I think we need to just calm down!" Alexis said, pushing herself between Nicole and Kaitlin. Ashly helped, dragging Nicole back towards the couch.

"I agree," she stated as Nicole plopped onto the couch, closely followed by Kaitlin.

"Listen, I'm not saying that Kaitlin is right, but we can't go rushing out there no matter what. It could be anything out there. Who knows what is out there right now. It could just be a bird but it could be something more like a robber. Kaitlin, though, you need to calm down. I agree with Nicole- I highly doubt there is a serial killer out there right now," Alexis said as the two mentioned glared at the backdoor. Nicole rolled her eyes and stood.

"I don't care what you three think. It's a bird or some other animal. It's no big deal- a cat even! I'm going to go check whether you guys come or not," She said, making her way towards the door. She stopped in front of it, turning to look at her friends."Are you coming?" Alexis nodded and walked over to her, closely followed by Ashly. Kaitlin hesitated before shakily following her. She turned to the back door which was actually a sliding glass door, and grabbed the edge of the curtains. Taking a deep breath, she yanked the curtains open. The sight that awaited them caused their blood to boil. Kaitlin screamed, tripping backwards over a chair in the dining room, and falling onto the floor. Ashly stood rooted to the spot while Nicole and Alexis gaped at the door. There was blood splattered across the door- one on each frame. Nicole flicked on the flood lights outside, relieved to see that nothing was out there. She grabbed a knife from the knife block and walked outside cautiously, followed by Alexis. Ashly left to comfort Kaitlin. They stared down at the pool of blood at their feet with two decent sized crumpled masses in the center. Nicole bent down; her face turned up in disgust, and lifted one of the two masses by its ear. It was what appeared to be a dog with a catch- it was only the torso! The bottom half of the dog appeared to be ripped off. She leapt to her feet, alarmed, and dropped the body.

"Tell me that isn't what I think it is," Alexis whispered, too stunned to move or say anything more on the subject. Nicole peered around the yard, into the bushes and shadows that just barely evaded the floodlight. The wind picked up, howling, and the trees as well as bushes rustled. The grass waved in the wind and whistled through the screen door. Ashly and Kaitlin looked up from the couch at the backdoor, puzzled by the sudden burst of wind- they all were. It added to the eerie mood as Nicole looked up at the roof. Nothing was there- only the stars shining in the night. Tonight seemed darker than other nights- not only because of the new moon but something else. The air simply didn't feel right.

"If you think it's half a dog, then sorry, it's what you think it is," she said quietly, glancing back at the pool of blood. Her eyes flitted around the yard once more before snapping up as the screen door closed abruptly. Alexis had fled back into the safety of the house. Nicole turned, ripping open the scream door, and shutting the door rather forcibly. She locked it and flicked on the second flood light by the pool. More shadows retreated from the yard and some bushes were illuminated but it wasn't enough. The darkness was almost tangible, almost as if any light that entered it was extinguished immediately. The light flickered twice before going out, allowing the shadows to creep closer to the house.

"I told you! I told you!"Kaitlin cried as she sat on the couch, glaring at Nicole. Nicole turned to face her, knife still in hand. "I told you! I told you! I told you! I told you not to go out there and now he's waiting and he's going to kill us-" she trailed off, her rant becoming incoherent through the sobs. Ashly patted her on the shoulder as Alexis and Nicole exchanged looks.

"Kaitlin- calm down. This won't help anything. It's not a who that's out there, that much I know. It had to be an animal of sorts. A dog was ripped in half. We're not talking cut in half, I mean chewed in half," Nicole said quietly, advancing into the room. An idea struck her then. "Wait- turn on the TV to the news! There may be something on there!" Alexis dived for the remote, shutting off the movie and switching to live TV. She turned on the News.

"In other news, recent attacks and strange sights have been reported around the county. The mysterious animal causing these attacks and rumors has not yet been identified. Police released this footage today of the creature." They watched the video in horror as red eyes glinted from the depths of a local forest. They watched a shadowy figure shift its weight as the light struck it. It appeared to be almost serpent like, yet similar to an arachnid as well. Its scales shone in the moonlight and it had huge hairy legs. It hissed, realizing it was spotted, and disappeared as quickly as it came.

"Do you think-" Alexis trailed off nervously while Ashly glanced about. Nicole shrugged, shaking her head.

"No, or at least I hope not. Where's Kaitlin?" she asked, noticing Kaitlin's absence. They spun to look out the backdoor and saw Kaitlin standing over the pool of blood, just staring at the bodies. They walked over to the door and yanked it open.

"Kaitlin, come on inside," Ashly said quietly. Kaitlin shook her head, crying silently. Nicole stepped back, pulling Alexis with her.

"If this- thing, did this then we have to get Kaitlin inside now and call the police. This thing could be dangerous. Even if it's not the thing we saw on the news, something is out there and it could pose a threat. It may be watching us right now," Nicole said quietly. Alexis nodded and repeated Nicole's warning in hushed tones. Ashly nodded and turned back to Kaitlin.

"Kaitlin, come inside. It isn't-safe outside," she whispered quietly while Nicole ran upstairs, knife in hand. She ran into her bedroom, yanking the blinds of her window open and peered out into the night, hoping to see something. She searched the shadows, not seeming to find anything when something moved. The figured had red eyes and long hairy legs. It was moving fast from the edge of the forest, headed towards the house.

"Kaitlin!" Nicole yelled, running back down the stairs to the back door. She watched in horror as the creature approached. Alexis stood, too shocked to move and Ashly made to lunge forwards, yanking open the door. To their horror, they watched as the serpent like creature reared back and lunged at Kaitlin. Her head disappeared and a sickening crack could be heard as the jaws snapped shut. The creature yanked, ripping her head from her body and it disappeared. Nicole screamed, pulling Ashly back into the house and slamming the door shut.

"Kaitlin! Kaitlin! We have to help!" Ashly exclaimed, hysterical. Nicole shook her head, pulling her back, tears in her eyes as she watched the creature lunge down, feasting on her friend's dead body.

"She's dead, Ashly! She's dead! There's nothing we can do for her!" She cried as she pulled her back into the living room and pushing her down onto the couch. Alexis followed shakily and collapsed onto the second couch in tears. Nicole walked carefully back to the door and picked up the knife she dropped. One glance out the back door was a mistake. She froze in fear. Everything was gone. In the matter of seconds, the creature had disappeared, taking both Kaitlin and the dogs' corpses with it, leaving only a large pool of blood. She stepped back into the living room and turned to stare at her crying friends.

"Everything is gone!" Not comprehending what she meant, Alexis jumped to her feet and ran to the backdoor. She walked back into the living room, groaning.

"I hope this is some sick dream I'm having," she moaned and Ashly sat up, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Nicole is right. We have to pull ourselves together," she said quietly, standing up to face the other two girls. "What's the plan?" She asked Nicole.

"Plan? There is no plan! What do you want me to say? We have no idea what this thing is or much about it at all! How do you plan if you don't even know what the enemy is?" Ashly and Alexis paled.

"You don't have a plan? You always have a plan! What are we going to do?" Alexis asked quietly. Ashly jumped onto the couch, peeking out the front window.

"I don't know. Ashly, do you see anything?" Nicole asked quietly. There was nothing to see though, for the street lamps had gone out.

"I don't know. The lights are out- I can't see anything at all!" Ashly exclaimed, pulling the curtains back in place in frustration. Nicole and Alexis shared a look, both wondering what this monster was truly capable of. Nicole started to pace back and forth, trying to figure out what to do.

"I think we should call the police," Alexis said quietly. Nicole nodded and Ashly headed to the phone, picking it up. She dialed 9-1-1 and held the phone to her ear.

"Oh no! The phone is out!"


"The phone is out!"

"I know, I know! It was rhetorical!" Nicole shouted while Alexis shook her head.

"Guys, stop it! Fighting isn't going to get us out of here! Obviously this thing is rather intelligent, more so than we gave it credit for. However, we can still outsmart this. I find more often than not that it is the more intelligent ones that tend to overlook tiny details," Alexis said quietly, to which Nicole and Ashly nodded.

"Right. For example, the monster didn't cut off our power! We still have cable and the lights! Now, it seems to be part spider, part reptile so what weaknesses can we think of to use against it?" Ashly asked quietly as she too started to pace. They paced in silence before Nicole inhaled sharply.

"I just thought of something! Fire! Most creatures flee from fire! Plus, both spiders and snakes burn in flame!" Nicole said quietly, hoping that this thing didn't have super hearing or anything of the sort.

"Good idea. It seems feasible. First though, let's try and see if we can find out where it is." The three of them headed upstairs into Nicole's room and stopped in the door. Ashly took a deep breath before walking over to the curtains and pulling them to the side. Red eyes awaited them as well as a row of sharp, blood stained fangs. Ashly screamed as the window shattered, the glass shards piercing her skin. She cried pitifully as she reached up, ripping a glass shard from her eye, leaving a blood stained socket in its wake. A large head forced itself through the walls and the girls watched in horror as sharp fangs pierced their friend's body, ripping through the skin and muscle like tissue paper. Blood splattered across the walls and onto them as Ashly's body fell forwards into the jaws of the monster. The monster's red eyes seemed to glow in delight and triumph as it withdrew from the room and disappeared much more quickly than it came. Alexis fell to the ground, horrified at what she just witnessed, followed closely by Nicole.

"I just stood there. I stood there and did nothing. How could I do that to Ashly?" Nicole asked quietly, tears streaming down her face and mixing with the now drying blood. What had once started out as a fun night with friends had now turned into a horrific blood bath. Alexis shook her head at Nicole's question.

"I did the same, Nicole. I stood by and watched too. It's not just your fault." They stood, walking back downstairs. A fire now burned in their hearts. They were out to exact revenge upon the beast for taking their friends.

"We will slay the beast if it's the last thing we do," Nicole hissed quietly as she yanked open the draws in the kitchen. She pulled out miscellaneous knives and scissors. She yanked open the closet, grabbing the hammers and sledgehammers. She stopped at the lighters before grabbing them too as well as the oil and the spare propane tanks for the barbeque which was outside. She walked back to Alexis, dropping them down in front of her and grinning.

"It's time to cut the crap. No more messing around. We're going to take this beast out now. All we need to do this dump the oil and propane tanks on that sucker and then light it up and watch it barbeque." Alexis nodded at Nicole's insidious plan before looking at the knives, hammer, sledgehammer, lighters, and matches.

"What about those?"

"Back-ups in case we need something to fight with." She nodded at Nicole's words and followed her upstairs into Nicole's room. They took deep breathes as they entered the room, careful to avoid looking at the gaping hole in the wall and the blood splattered on the walls. They pulled out belts, putting them on and headed back downstairs. They tucked knives into the belts and looked back at the pile of other weapons.

"I call the sledgehammer,"Alexis said, seizing the sledgehammer and holding it close to her.

"Yeah, well, then I get the matches!" Nicole exclaimed, grabbing the box of matches. Alexis looked at her, confused.

"Why would you want the matches?"

"The lighters may run out of fluid but the matches won't." Alexis nodded looking far more nervous than before as she grabbed her propane tank and Nicole did the same. "Are you ready?" She asked, looking over at Alexis who nodded slightly. "Okay then, let's go." They walked out the front door warily. A cursory glance around told them that it was all clear. The houses surrounding them were shattered in many places, some of the siding blood stained. Cars were crashed in the streets, fallen trees, and poles knocked over, littering the ground. The garbage that had been going out for the next day was blowing in the breeze as hazy smoke drifted through the air. One car was still on fire, blazing and heat radiating from it. They two ducked as the car exploded, metal parts soaring through the air and flames shooting high into the sky, seemingly touching the stars.

"This looks like the scene of a holocaust,"Alexis whispered quietly to which Nicole nodded, tears in her eyes. Nicole stood, motionless, tears again mixing with the dried blood on her face, as she scrutinized the damage. It seemed almost too much- too horrific to possibly be real that she couldn't understand how something so terrible could happen to such a small, peaceful town. A scream pierced the air, dragging her back to reality. She spun around to see Alexis soaking the beast in propane and stabbing at it with the knife. Nicole rushed over, dumping her propane tank on the beast as well. She backed up as Alexis continually stabbed at the beast, and yanked out the matches. She took one out, lighting it and smiled triumphantly at the flame. The wind started up, blowing the match out. She berated herself as she threw the useless match down, glancing up at the beast. It had just managed to throw Alexis off of it, throwing her through the upstairs window.

"Alexis!" She screamed, jumping to her feet and grabbing the box of matches. The beast stuck its head through the window, snarling and hissing. She fumbled, lighting another match, only to have it be blown out by the wind. To her horror, she watched as red liquid which she could only assume to be Alexis' blood, splattered the window and walls that were visible to her at such a distance. Rage filled her and she grabbed another match, this time lighting it successfully. Screaming in rage, she threw the match down on the beast's tail and watched as the chain reaction took place. The flame quickly spread over the beast's entire body, engulfing it in flames before exploding. She dived to the ground, arms covering her head as sparks and flaming bits of flesh rained down all around her.

She stood, glancing around at the horrific scene that awaited her. She thought that she ought to have been glad, relieved that the beast was dead but she wasn't. She sighed heavily, dropping the hammer and the knives as she ducked her head and closed her eyes. The destruction that this one beast had caused- there was so much that even she was unaware of that still existed out there, waiting to be discovered. She opened her eyes as something landed in front of her with a thump. A flaming, red eyeball lay at her feet, glaring up at her with glass shards piercing it. It reminded her of how Ashly died and she smiled, hoping that the beast died in as much pain as her friends had. She stood, lifting her hammer, unsure of what to do when the wind picked up. A hot breeze tickled her neck and she froze. She turned around slowly, only to come to face with three terrifying sets of blazing red eyes.

The last thing she felt before the darkness engulfed her was the hot, unbearable, searing pain as two long, sharp fangs ripped through her body from sternum to groin.

A/N: This is a horror story my friend and I worked on for English class last year! Very descriptive and graphic.