We see only the normal,

The common,

The path ahead,

We have no sight into the world of belief

Seen by the young and innocent,

The children,

The children.

And by the end of the innocence,

We forget all we saw,

Forever lost in the shadows of mind,

It will never be brought back to us,

The magic,

The joy,

The kindness,

We lose everything as we grow into adults,

We lose ourselves in the endless sands of time,

We can change into the people once we were,

Only one way is there to do it,

It is never the same for anyone.


Stay here now,

Follow later,

Let Silence be your companion,

Follow not as the leader,

Follow not as the follower,

Just walk long side the path,

Don't run,

Don't run.

Follow to the end and see,

The truth between me,


And thee.

We shall be with you always,

The end is no boundary for this magic,

Only the beginning is it,

The beginning of a new story,

A story of us as innocent beings,

Without the tears of pandemonium,

Or the screams of turmoil,

Without the scratches of destruction,

They are reminders of the discarded past.

Look not back,

Look not forward,

Look only of here, of now.