"Snow fall."

You look at me as you stare out into the darkness.

"It's sweet grace, it's odd warmth."

Soon, a scene is within eye sight.

Children with beautiful smiles playing in the dancing snow flakes.

A chill crawls around your neck but it doesn't shake...

"The warmth, the unmistakable warmth."

They smile in your direction as the pitter-patter of feet is heard.

You turn to see an orange cat with lovely white strips jumping in the snow.

You couldn't stop your self and just smile, you smile uncontrollably.

The snow dances around the old buildings and cracks of wood.

There's a hill and the children get their sleds as they pull you into the fun.

"If only this lasted forever."

You look at me with a grim frown but nothing happens.

The scene continues on.

The kids now sit you on a sleigh as you are whisked down in the lovely snow pile.

Everything is so beautiful.

The trees all bend next to each other like a family giving warm embrace.

The sun glows just enough to make the snow glisten with the tint of a lovely gold.

We sit on the same hill the children slid down.

It's silent but it's like the need for words was not necessary.

"It was so beautiful, so warm..."

You look to me one last time as the sun climbs down the snow covered trees.

I hold your hand and lose your gaze.

I smile.

We pass.