Ants, the most common known pest

And scavengers out of all insects.

Whether you find them smashed on your sink

Ruining your picnics, gangbanging your leftovers

Swarming ants are a common enemy to people,

Who usually wage a personal war against them.

Even In my youth I was the antagonist of their kind,

When they declared war by attacking my unattended sweet roll

You will never get enough of the common vermin.

Though they bug the hell out of us there is something,

To learn from those buggers that even we can't do sometimes.

They work together in unity for the greater good of their society,

Even when faced with a problem they change course

And continue with their goal in mind.

When breached with danger they take up arms together

And fight it off for the love of the colony.

If simple ants can do that then why can't we do the same?

I mean, maybe we aren't the most intelligent species on the planet.