My Battle Within

Trembling hands, sweat dripping, my heart begs me to flee.

My brothers in arms and I prepare for battle.

Anticipation whispers in our left while patience assures us in the right.

The signal is raised.

We rush out to the field.

Our armor sings to the movement.

It bounces to the drum.

After stepping onto the field, there's no escape

Even before the start of the game we're blown away like autumn leaves by the fierce shouts,

Our opponents outnumber us.

Always outnumbered…

Like the 300 Spartans we stand tall.

The whistle slices the air clean starting the game.

In the 48 tensed minutes we play a fools game. We fight knowing outcome.

In the end, 49 to nothing.

The crowd is ignorant and say "Damn, they lost once again!"

Though they forgot our depth is pour.

A king cannot fight without an army. Are we any different?

Back at one we sit hard as stone, while silence is screaming in our faces.

Pain hurts for seconds losing hurts forever.

Remembered as losers, now that's a shame. No one will ever understand this day.

Unfortunately everyone will forever see the same path differently, that's the battle within.