At the break of dawn,

My sibling, childhood friend, and I perform our morning ritual;

To walk against the fleeing darkness on our way towards school.

We gossip, laugh, joke, easily impressed we cage the moment, as my friend tells the beginnings of a tall tale.

The darkness then smiles and halts our advance. Unable to see we hear what no eyes want to see.

The growl of what seems to be the awakening of a sleeping beast.

It rises, it grows, and it threatens to come upon us like a tsunami!

We scream, we run, we know the slowest is always the first.

The darkness laughs as our gate to freedom slowly shuts.

Then it happens.

The earth had turned traitor! What looked as stable grass was unstable mud,

One by one we fell and the beast was upon us.

The sun then peaked as I glared to doom.

Panting, waging with no shame, head tilted the tiny canine creature stares at us smiling.