Okay guys. I know I'm not the best writer in the world, but please bear with me. This is the first story I've had the interest and the motivation to finish. What i need from all the readers out there is criticism and all that good stuff so i can make this story better. This is the first rough draft. I still have a lot of editing i want to do to this story to make it better. If any of this confuses you in any way please message me or review and I'll answer and questions you have. I'm going to try to add a chapter a week if not every other day. I know there are a lot of mistakes in here but I've gone over it until my eyes have blurred so you are my fresh eyes. If you have any recommendations on what I should to please tell me so i can make my writing better for you would make my day if you reviewed it. Keep in mind though that I'm a novice, I'm normally better at poetry but this popped into my head and I had to get it down before I forgot it. (A lot of things like that happen to me. I'll be thinking of something and lyrics, stanzas or tidbits of stories will pop into my head and when I go to write it down later I forget what it was.) Anyway if your still reading this authors note thanks well I've babbled on enough. Get to reading if you're going too

Chapter one: This is real.

Looking out the door of my room I saw mommy running down the hallway. Why was mommy running? Especially away from her friend who was downstairs earlier. Mommy sent me up to play in my room so I didn't get to meet the bad man. I didn't like the look of him right away. I got a bad feeling in the bottom of my tummy. With his glowing red eyes and pale skin he scared me. Now he was chasing mommy down the hallway. Where they just playing a game? I hoped so for mommies' sake. Still watching from my doorway the bad man gave me a smile that made my limbs freeze up. He seemed to be saying your next so don't run. He then grabbed mommy up and slapped her a little bit, than he took out this napkin and held it over mommy's nose and mouth. The next thing I knew mommy was on the floor and wouldn't wake up. I ran to her to try and help, but she wouldn't wake up. What was wrong with mommy? The man was downstairs and when I heard him coming back up I ran into mommy's room and hid. I heard him cackle just like a witch that he wasn't done with her yet and that he would find what he came for before long. I snuck out the window and ran over to Mrs. S house for help. By the time she came to the door I was starting to panic. Why wasn't mommy coming out of the house? When we got on the street me dragging Mrs. S behind me the house went up in flames with mommy still inside. The beautiful bright flames licking at the houses outside and exploding the windows the heat was so hot. I swore than I was going to make the bad man pay. Nobody hurt my mom.

Aniya, we ever going to get any work outta you today, Maddox teased. Yea, sorry I just kind of spaced I was thinking about my mom. "I'm sorry, I wish there was something I could say that would help you." Its okay, I mean there's nothing anybody could have done. It was too late by the time I realized I needed to get help. "Still, I know we became friends after that but aniya you can't blame yourself I mean it wasn't your fault either." I know it was but I still feel responsible for it Maddox. If i had only considered getting help for us sooner things would be different today. "Hey now, no self-pity party over here today, can't have you feeling all blue." Come on let's get these apples picked before your mom decides to come investigate.

Four barrels full of apples later my arms were tired as I dropped the barrel on the floor. Here you go Mrs. S, order of apples fresh off the vine. "Thank you dearie, go wash up as I finish dinner." Okay Mrs. S I'll be down shortly.

Walking through the house on my way to my room, I wondered why Mrs. S took me in the first place. I mean it's not like I was a particularly good kid. When I showed up at her house she came no questions asked. Then she stuck around when things were bad; even offered me a place to lay my head. Her house wasn't much. It was full of knickknacks, and just had a homely feel to it with cream colored walls and blankets over the couch and one chair. The kitchen was her baby, nobody stepped foot in unless she asked them too. Everybody had their own room and space. My room was black and purple with two big poster boards filled with pictures and rhymes. I had the basic dresser and closet. I also had this big water bed with a canopy around it. I loved the way the movement of the water bed rocked me to sleep. Reminding me of the time I had camped beside the lake.

Once in my room I stepped into the bathroom and headed for the shower. Once in there I stripped myself of clothing and adjusted the water before hopping in the shower. Now that I was in I had some things to think about. Everything's been slowly changing around here. Everybody's getting more paranoid like something bad is about to happen. I wonder what it could be. Knowing everybody they will keep it from me just like everything else. It's not easy living in a household of six other people. We all come and go as we please, but everybody has to be in by 2am or they get locked out. That's the rule of this house, also no serious fighting between each other.

Getting out of the shower I dried off, and slipped my clothes on ready to head downstairs. Taking the steps down two at a time I arrived just as Mrs. S and another guy walked into the front room. Hearing my name I decided to find out what they were talking about before running in and making a fool outta myself. They were arguing about something. It sounded like they were arguing over me. That can't be it though I don't want people arguing over me.

Marching into the front room just as Mrs. S said no. I walked up to her and asked, "Why were yal talking about me for?" "Dear, go on up and I'll tell you later." No I want to know now. Why were you talking about me for? Also who is this man? What is he doing in our house? "One, question at a time this man is here because I asked him to come and his name is Alistair. I think you would like him if you talked to him." "Pleasure to meet you my darling, he said as he stood up. If your kind guardian here would let me I would tell you everything you want to know, but alas she will not let me just yet." What's that supposed to mean I asked just as he went poof. I'm not kidding he literally went poof. I looked at Mrs. S and was afraid to ask but did anyway. "What is he I stuttered out?" She replied calmly as ever. "He my dear is a demon, but he's on our side." Not knowing what to make of it the room started swirling around and the last thing I remember is hitting my head on the floor before I blacked out.

Oh dear, I wonder if she's alright. "Alistair why did you do that for" because my sweet it was priceless to see the look on her face. "Oh Jesus, now I'll have to explain everything to her." That was you plan all along wasn't it? "Well, maybe. Did it work?" yes. But as always i have nobody else to turn too. Taking a look at the prophecy it read

When the protector emerges,

She with hair like a raven's wing

Will follow behind every step of the way.

When war comes full circle,

They will have blood on their hands.

When evil comes a calling,

Power will shoot from her sword.

Striking everything in her path down.

It bodes misfortune for us all I'm afraid.

Waking up slowly I felt my eyes lids flutter a little bit. My head was pounding and I was lying in my bed. How did I get here? What just happened? Why did I dream of some guy named Alistair and Mrs. S telling me Alistair was a demon? Strange dream really. Getting up I made my way downstairs and when I saw that black and blue headed hottie I knew it was no dream. This was real very real indeed. What the hell was happening in this house, and how did I become a part of it?