it's nice; this feeling of being around beings

who doesn't discredit my life

every time they open their mouths.

who understand that i

am not the one who needs to be teaching them

how to behave around me.

they have to learn that for themselves.

it's their job, not mine.

my job is to be myself. to be kind.

to, as i sometimes put it oh-so-eloquently, not be a douche.

'don't be a douche,' i say.

'don't be a douche.' it sounds

so simple.

it should be.

it should be everybeing's job to not

be a douche,

and it should be everybeing's job

to be themself.

why is that so hard?

no one should be used to knowing

that if they open their mouth and

say what they really feel

they will be dismissed as easily as blinking.

no one should listen to their friends' conversations,

feeling that pit of hate in their stomach

because they hear their closest friends laughing at who they are.

not knowing is no longer an excuse.

it is your job to know, to ensure everyone feels comfortable around you.

or if not comfortable, then

comfortably confronted

with an experience different than their own.

confrontation should not be the method

we must choose to teach others.

others need to teach themselves,

teach themselves so we have no one left to confront.

it's really not that hard.

i promise.