Volume 1: Welcome to St. Marbury Academy

Chapter 1: Where feathers gathered.

Part 1

It will be the best if a man out of this world will fall down from the sky and help people in need.

And that man will be a hero that will emerge from the bright light of the sky.

I am dreaming of becoming that kind of man.

But there is no way for me, coming from a different world.

And there is no way for me, falling from the sky.

But a man not a hero that emerges from the bright light is possible to me.

Because I can help people in need even if I am not a hero.

A man that is good enough to stay on one's side forever.

Not a hero that helps others only by his physical strength only.

But a man that helps others by his heart and mind.

That is a man that I can be.

Not a hero that I can be.

"Hey hey do want to go to the town?"

"Hmm… let's see."

As I walked down on this street path leading to where my destination is, I overheard what the two girls were talking about. Those two girls are students of the academy in this place and they were talking about… Nevermind it is not that important.

I was riding a luxurious car when I arrived here at the street leading to that school. This street prohibits cars and vehicles from entering because this street is for walking use only I wonder why it is only for walking use. Is it a little weird?

The trees here are very well preserved indeed. I smell the fragrance of the nature. The wind is naturally grazing the skin on my face. What a warm wind.

The green leaves dances on the mid air. This scenery is new to me because I live in the city before.

After I passed through the curved steep road, a scene popped out on my sight. On the benches underneath the trees many students gathered. They chat, study and do things that they ever wanted to. I started to walk on this street. During my fifth step on this street I can feel many gazes coming from the students. I am just new here so that is to be expected but I never expect this many. I continued to walk and suddenly a big figure of a building that is like a church came over to my sight.

Ah I can see the academy.


That academy is a dormitory school where you can live and study at the same time. This is quite comfortable to me because I was planning to live on myself now. By the way, that school's owner has ties on my grandfather.

I arrived at the gates of the academy it sure quite big for a school.


A metallic sound.

The security guard opened the gate by using some machine that pulls the metals apart from each other. Technology now is sure advanced. Speaking of technology, technology nowadays is a must in everyday lives. Example of this is a cellphone. That everyone knows what it is, even children.

I walked through some path that leads somewhere to the principal's office to get me accommodated here. Simple as this I will be enrolled in no time. I bet the map that the security guard gave me is not a fake.

I heard the principal here is very nice towards new students especially those whose parents are in the higher ups. I wonder why? Is he being threatened? I hope he treats me well too.


A wind brushes my face I subconsciously closed my eyes as the wind continually grazed me.

I opened my eyes.

Gradually opening it. I see….

A long black silky hair.

A uniform that the academy use.

And most of all a beautiful face that anyone will get dazed off.

I was stunned for a moment when I see that girl. She caught a glance at me and as of me; I was just staring at her.

It was like 10 seconds have passed while we are staring at each other. I cannot feel any disturbances while we are staring like this it was something like an unknown feeling that is hard to explain with words, no! More like an indescribable feeling that can make anyone dazed for a minute.

"Are you perhaps?..."

And at last that unknown feeling was vanished after she asked me a question. A question that is to be anticipated to this scene.

"Yes I am a new student here pleased to meet you."

I said that for a reply.

After I said that with a plain tone, she smiled then she turn towards her right side and started to walk, elegantly.

As I looked at her, she was going somewhere. I think that path is going to the girl's dormitory. But since I am just new here, my knowledge about the school is not that accurate. So it is not a surprise that I got lost here. But first I need to get a hold on myself.

I shook my head and straightened my posture.

Once I recovered from some unknown property that makes me stunned. I immediately go to the principal's office to accommodate me and mostly to acknowledge me as a student here. I wonder what her name is. Does she belong to a noble family? Because her posture is perfect for a normal high school girl. She looks a nice person too... I think? I arrived at the door of the principal's office and hold the doorknob and twist it. I put a little force to push it. What appeared before me is a man who is seated at an office like chair. He greeted me with a welcoming tone.

"Welcome! ."

And a new student is now officially enrolled here at St. Marbury academy. Just like that.

I, Mikhail Eversteen, am just transferred here at St. Marbury Academy. Because my father and mother died in a car accident 1 year ago, I was being taken care of by my grandfather who is the owner of the one of the biggest company here in the Philippines. My father is a half British and my mother is a Filipina. As you can see my I used my last name of my father because this is just the memento that he left me. My grandfather said to me that I should use my mother's last name but I refused because of that reason. Also, I am staying at my grandfather's place but since I was transferred to this school there is no need for me to stay there.

1 year have passed since grandfather took me from my old town to his house. He said that I am the only family he has but he shows no family ambiance towards me of being his only grandchild. I wonder why he took me even though he was against it or not. It somehow strange to me but I set that aside to move myself forward. I cannot sulk and get depressed on what is happening to me. Humans have the power to overcome any trials. So I decide to study again.

I am living a happily life now even my parents are dead. I cannot just sulked down and be depressed for a whole season because of that. I am sure that my parents want me to pursue my goals even if they were not around. But! The problem is I do not have any goals for now. Sometimes loneliness comes at me when I remember them. If a time has given to me by god, even if it is just a short time I will say thank you and I love you them again and again.

"So this is my room."

I said that to me, who is looking at my room at the boy's dormitory that is just 30 meters away from the principal's office. So I did not have a hard time looking for my place to sleep with. It is now 5pm, all classes ended now so I will just make my big entrance tomorrow!

Well as I scan my room, all I can see are a single bed, a desk, a chair and a door at the right corner that leads to the bathroom.

I steeled myself and change my clothes to night clothes to sleep. But it is still too early so I figured that I should have dinner first before I go to bed.

Me, who just think to have dinner at the canteen that is located west from the boys' dormitory, takes a bath first before leaving the room.

Actually this school is quite luxurious I wonder how much money my grandfather spent to this. I am really grateful to him.

On the way to the canteen I saw many students talking and chatting to each other. This school is quite lively even though it's dark now. I continued to walk as I pass many anonymous students on the way. I'm in the state of being uncomfortable, suddenly this stares are gradually increasing as I walk through the corridor. As I realized this I walk in a fast pace while my head is looking on the ground.

I arrived at the canteen. As I expected there are so many students that is having their dinner here. I look around to see where I can seat. But also I expected that there is no seat that is available.

I give up on the idea on eating rice and meal so I decide to buy bread and soda for my dinner I should make up on breakfast tomorrow I will be sure hungry by then.

When I pass through the chairs that are occupied by the students that are mostly third years, I saw again this girl that I met on the way to the principal's office eating alone.

Why is she eating alone?

Does she have no friends?

I said this in my mind that is full of questions about this girl. I feel that there is something wrong here.

And again I stared at her for a moment. I can't resist her beauty even at this range. It is dazzling as if I was watching beautiful scenery in front of me.

I regained myself when someone collides with my arm. I am sure that is a person too. I look where the person that knock my arm. It was a boy with blonde hair. I am familiar with that color. Because I used to see my father's hair like that.


I said that while looking at him intently from his back.

"No it was my fault."

He replied with a pleasing tone. He turned his head at me who was looking at him with hostility.

I thought he will say rude words like I used to hear when I was in elementary school but it was different. I calm my face and nodded at him who just nodded too.

But I do remember his face.

He is Ivan Backberry my childhood friend when I was in kindergarten. Who ever knew that I will see him again here? I thought he went to America and live there for his entire life. Those eyes! I am sure that he is ivan! The one that accidentally rip of the teachers skirt before!


He seemed to be surprised. And me who just said that, bring my face near his.

And now that surprised and puzzled blonde guy is gazing at me as if he was inspecting my face. Then he his eyes widened a bit after that, it came back to its normal. It is like having a "!" expression on his face.


He sure remembers me too. It is quite a relief that he remembers me.

"Yeah long time no see."

That was the first time we have talk in 13 years.

Ivan Backberry is an American and he became my classmate in kindergarten. I did not know what happened to him after the party that our teacher organizes for our last day in kindergarten. He said to me that he will go back to America due to his mother's work but what is this? Why he is still here in the Philippines?

After these 13 years many people do change a lot. That is a fact undeniably.

"So you ended up here also."

He said that while we are eating our dinner we bought in the canteen, here at the park just a few blocks away from the boy's dormitory.

I can see the statue of some kind of angel from here and the moon shines brightly as I stare at that statue. There are also fireflies surrounding the garden nearby. It is beautiful here. I never knew such place existed here in the Philippines.

"Yeah and I never knew you would be here also."

"Hahaha. I see. But are you lonely without your parents around?"

He laughed but that laughed did not last. He came back to his usual expression and said that to me.

"Yeah. But I cannot just sulk and become depressed there is nothing I can do about it. I will just have to accept it and move forward. That is how life is working."

I said that with my eyes closed and let out a sigh.

"I agree with you."

I look at him because his voice became down. It sounds like he was uptight and thinking of something while he said that. His eyes were looking down at the ground as if the word I just said was bothering him.

"Well let's go back to our rooms because tomorrow will be a tough day."


He nodded at me with eyes full of determination. So his expression changes quickly huh?

I stand up and made pose that looks like I was pumped up on something. He raised his head to look me. His bothered face returned to its normal face that always smiles. That smile is like a smile of person that has no problems in his/her life.

"What room are you in?"

"Room 215 I think?"

"Oh we are neighbors! Looks like my high school life is going to be lively."

"What do you mean by lively?"

And so our conversation continued while we are walking upstairs in the boys' dormitory.

I never knew that my first friend here at this school is my classmate before on kindergarten. I feel quite happy about it because my first friend here is someone that I can talk to freely. And of course we are both guys so having a long conversation is normal.

After we chat a little, we returned to our own room and sleep at once. I am tired so I sleep right away when I arrived at my room and I was not able to change my clothes to my sleep wear. But I just ignored it and let myself plunge in to the dreamworld.

Part 2

The next morning.

I was walking in the corridor at the 2nd years' building. I was looking for my classroom. The principal said that the only 2nd year class available is the class 2-4. Is that class the lowest? But nevermind that. I cannot complain because I was a late enrollee. It's because I have no shame if I did complain about that. So I accept whatever decision they make for me.

I was a 2nd year transfer student here. I took my 1st year on Manila High School on manila. But since that incident happened, I stopped. I am grateful that it happened on summer vacation, I was still in the track on my high school life. But on a second thought, I was not that grateful because my parents won't able to see me graduate on high school.

This corridor gives a peaceful aura. I think Ivan was saying the truth that this place gives a peace of mind wherever you go.


I heard a scream of a girl. A peace of mind huh!? What was that just now!?

That scream came from behind. It was a girl! I think…. Because a guy can't scream like that… can they? Ahhh!


I turned around to look what happened behind me.

Did something happened? Why does that scream I heard is somewhat came from a pain.


It was a girl. I knew it! My guesses these days are accurate.

Did she tripped and fall backwards?

"Hey are you alright?"

I rushed to the girl who just tripped and now fell on her butt. She is somewhat caressing her butt due from the pain. I know it hurts a lot when you fall on something hard especially on the concrete floor.

"Do-don't look!"

She shouted at me. I wonder what the reason is.



Wait! I can see her panties! Her legs are opened wide!

All girls here at the academy wear short skirts, coat and polo inside the coat and boys are wearing slacks, coat and polo that are the same as the girls. The only difference is boys wear slacks instead of skirts. But why am I in this awkward situation!

Blue… Stripes…

What am I a pervert!? I have to erase this in my mind! Color, design and etc! But it does not work! It seems like it was imprinted in my mind! I cannot undo it or erase it! Data was saved! A guys mind is a guys mind after all.

I immediately turned to the opposite side and shook my head but it did not really work. I really do mind if that girl stands up immediately. Please…

"I-It's okay now."

The girl now just said it with a shy voice it was very different when she shouted at me. I know what the cause is, because I accidentally see her panties! How indecent of me.

But it was just an accident!

I said that in my mind which full of perv… No! Indecent things!

Whether it is an accident or not I have to say sorry no matter what! I am guy! It seems this conversation is getting awkward!

"Sorry for what happened I didn't mean it."

I turned around at the girl who was just behind me. She was fidgeting a little. Do-don't tell me…

I am gonna take responsibility from what happened?

No! no! It just can't be happening! I am just a normal good boy who just enjoying his high school life! A healthy young boy! Can anyone blame for this?

"No it is okay I am the one at fault."

My mind got blown when she said that all the negative possibilities that occur to my mind just vanished. Just like that. My mind got cooler and I was brought back to myself once again.

Thank god.

Speaking of this girl, she is so cute that you can't take your eyes off her and why is she blushing? Due to embarrassment? Of course anyone will get embarrassed like that.

This girl is a Filipina for sure. She has a tan skin but not too tan and a short black hair. Her hair, it was dyed blonde on the top area. It was like she goes to a salon first before going to school. Is this not violating school rules? Well it is not my business anymore.

And she is a second year of course just in case I have to….

"Umm… are you supposed to be in class 2-4?"

I asked that question just in case. So that we can walk together, enter the classroom together and seat together by chance. I was still shy about entering the classroom by myself. What the hell is the purpose of the pumped up effect last night? Well I got no options. So it was the case.

"Oh so you are my classmate!"


I made a victory pose on my mind. I am sure lucky. Well then…

"Do you mind going to the classroom together?"

He made a shocked face after I said that. What is the matter? And for me who was looking at her shocked face made a puzzled expression. My mind is as also set with a "?".

"Would it be weird if we... Go together to the classroom?"

? Why is it weird?

I searched in my brain to know the answer to that question but unfortunately, I cannot find it. Seems like I do not have that kind of data. Weird huh? If it is talking about weird things are you the weird one? Seriously….

What is the problem of this girl?

"And why is it weird?"

Finally I ask the right question. Weird question….

"Because our classmates will think we are in a relationship right?"


I can't keep on track on what she said. This isn't the case you know! We are just entering the classroom together what is wrong with that!? Do people nowadays does have that kind of way of thinking?


"Anyway just come with me and there will be no problem."

After I said that, I grab her right arm and pull her behind while walking in a fast pace. I never intended to do this but she forces me to do it! Am I not harassing this girl? I'm sure I can explain myself in case a nun sees us.

We continued to walk while I was holding her hand for a few seconds and…

I looked at my watch on my left wrist to see what time is it.



2 minutes more and we will be late! We have to run for it! Can this girl run?

"Hey looks like we have to run."


"I said we have to RUN."

I tightened my grip on her hand. She made a "hiiii~" sound after I did that. And I started to kick the ground with a minimum force so that this girl will keep up with the running. I started with a slow pace running and after I knew that can she cope up with the pace, I move even faster. Thankfully, I think she has some athletic skills in her. So I don't have to worry about running in a fast pace. But why did she tripped before?

(Pa pa pa pa pa)

We started to run and our footsteps started echoing through the corridor. I hope the other classes will not hear this. We will be doomed if someone hear the footsteps. We are running at the corridor after all so if a nun suddenly sees us we will get a clean punishment right away! I don't like that.

I looked behind me to see what kind of reaction she will do. But she was just staring at me and her cheeks are in deep crimson. Is it due to the climate change recently? But I ignored that and started running with her on my right side. I can feel the cool wind brushing my face while we are running; the wind carries some kind of fragrance of women I thought it was just my imagination but when I looked on my right side the scent become stronger. That scent that I smelled was coming from this girl and I was directly looking at her while we are running through the wide corridor that is like a monastery of some church.

We reached the classroom in time but… I experienced the most disappointing and embarrassing day in my life.